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  1. So today on a hunch by the boat mechanic. He filled the bilge with more water in hopes to add pressure to the lower parts of the boat. Once he did that the bottom part of the trim tab where its installed was dripping with water. Fix procedure is reported as removing both trim tabs (only one is leaking but I asked him to remove both and install new ones) He will be re fiberglassing and then painting and then finnaly reinstalling new trim tabs. I may also have him redo the old motor mounts.
  2. Boat is out of the water. Filled bilge and not a single drop of water out of the boat in 2 days. However, when we filled the livewell and 2 fishwells the water level in the bilge went higher. So high that water entered the cuddly cabin. On monday the shop will be draining the bilge and only filling the livewell and fishwells to see if that is where its leaking into the bilge slowly.
  3. Bottom picture I suspect the square plate to be leaking where the old caulking is done. Or the drain plug. On the thru hull transducer image the container of the hull is towards the bottom of the picture.
  4. No rain. Water still seeping in slowly. It appears to be one of the through hull fittings. Oddly the one has a square plate with some suspect caulking. I am having the boat pulled out of the water today. Will update with what gets fixed.
  5. Marina mechanic checked the boat 5 hours later and the bilge pump died. He then pumped it out with his own pump. I'm down at my boat now and pumped it out once more. In 3 hours about 1-2" came into the bilge. Going to go back in the morning to put in a new bilge and vacuum all of the water out and lay down some paper towels and stair at where the wet spot starts.
  6. Good evening all, My name is Richard and I recently purchased a 1995 robalo 2660 with twin mercury carb 225 hp outboards. I have run into some problems with water getting into the bilge and am trying to narrow it down. The pump seemed to have stopped working and the boat took on a bit of water. Not sure if it was from rain going onto the deck and draining into the bilge or something else.
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