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  1. The way the transom was hacked up, and after some cleaning and cutting.
  2. Figured I should make a new thread on the new project iam going to start working on. Didn’t have much time today to get much done but cleaned her up a bit. Some hack job decided to start the transom from the inside and destroyed certain things I would have never done. I will attach a few pictures of the boat as well as the hack job. I cleaned it up a bit and started to remove some extremely rotted wood.Trying to decide weather to close the transom and use a bracket or just keep the stock style set-up and redo the rear floor area.
  3. Decided to sell this hull because I bought it’s big brother the 256 and decided to redo that hull. Floor and transom have been cut out. Boat will obviously need TLC and some work. Really heavy duty Good trailer, custom arch top, custom aluminum side rails. Asking 2k for what you see will include a new poly drop in tank for 2500.Text or call 772-634-2899 for inquires.
  4. What looks to be cracked on the edge of the batterie box is someone’s attempt at beginning to cut away the box like the other side. The hull itself is really solid even the floorboard is rock solid. It would be safe to say it’s actually in better shape then the 230 other then the hack job removal of the transom. Iam contimplating whether I should sell the 230 to re-coup some funds I spent to buy this hull and focus on the 2520, as I like the layout and Ice boxes better on this hull.
  5. Sadly not much to report with work so busy haven’t had much time to work on the 230. I did however buy a 1980 2520 that someone ripped off the transom (somewhat) and gave up on. Makes total sense no time for one project but go ahead and buy another.
  6. Well have not had much to update, work has been busy and weekends full or errands. I was at Home Depot today and decided I had a free hour or two today so I bought the cheapest 3/4 ply I could find to mock up the transom. I guess in my head I assumed I could just slide the full transom in one piece... I was very wrong, so I mocked up transom made a cut down the center line at a 45 degree angle. Is this a ok method? Could it be a possible issue down the road? I guess my other option would be to remove or cut cap to be able to slide a one piece transom down into the void.
  7. Thank you for all the tips and help it’s greatly appreciated.Cable saw will be here tomorrow,hopefully I can borrow neighbors fork lift to make quick work of removing the tank. If not I guess engine hoist will have to do.( will take lots of photos).As far as future tank,I purchased a poly tank, once everything is all removed and cleaned I plan to install with straps and hopefully not need any foam to make her secure.I will loose about 20 gallons but for the price and piece of mind of it hopefully never having leakeage issues it’s a sacrifice I will gladly accept.
  8. Starboard side.On another note I powersprayed the side of the tank and out came lots of the foam. You mentioned earlier using a wire to knife thru the bottom foam? Any suggestions on what material to use to handle that job?
  9. The skin that was cut had no delamination, neither does the starboard side.The crack extends half way to the port side corner, was hoping to have a bit more area to tie into when everything is glassed back into place, but at this rate I might be wrapping glass around the corners. The “indented” area you see with putty is similar on both sides,I believe it was foam filled to make the inner liner butt up to transom core. My initial plan was to remove remaining water soaked foam in corners and build up the” indented “ area with marine grade wood so it’s flush and have a completely level inner glass wall so the transom core could be butted together correctly.The port side will need nearly 1inch of build up to be level, starboard side will need about a quarter inch.Eventually the glass does tie into the hull and cap. Iam assuming this has all been butchered over the years and done incorrectly hence the reason iam at this point.Will include a few more pictures hopefully giving you a better idea of what iam working with.
  10. Sorry having issues uploading pictures. It’s going to be hard to cut out layer as I only have 2 inches of room. Going to have to figure something out however.
  11. Unfortunately that’s how I received the boat with the floor cut out, Not my choice but does give me The opportunity to run things the way I want. Not much to update spent a hour today getting the rest of the wood out of the transom, What a pain In the a$$ that was.I did notice a problem on the port side of the transom, the inner layer of glass has delaminated from the outside layer, any ideas how to tackle this issue? Picture included of siad issue.
  12. Will be removing fuel tank next weekend.wish me luck on that endeavor.
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