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  1. I have a 2014 R180 and yes water in console. Always drained out very slowly while raised way up. Now water will not drain at all. Found the drain hole at first bulkhead headboard foam clogged that but took care of that bulkhead. Now the second bulkhead 1/4" away from the gas cell must be clogged. Used power washer in console are trying to clean out the clog from the area first. Nothing!! So I opened the round hatch at the gas cell and there was water all over gas cell from powerwashing, so a clog or no drain hole. Dealer Dealers First Choice Orlando & Daytona Beach I've been calling since nov 2017. NOTHING anyway was in touch with Robalo and they gave me some ideas but nothing is releasing the water. So I cut the bulkhead at the back of the gas cell. Could hardly get my hand in so I cut a little more. I'll glue another piece of waferboard after I figure out how to fix. I then took pics on inside that bulkhead and guess what????? Drain hole is fiberglassed over except for a 1/8" hole. Anyone have any ideas how to get a drill in there with a holesaw bit to make a real drain??? Water is 8" in the head compartment and I see a lot of breadboard foam precise floating around. I tried to use a snake to try and bang out the fiberglass but it too thick. Should I put a bilge pump in there? But the again still a ton of water under gas cell. I worry because down in Florida we go out to Gulf Stream for dolphin, wahoo, tuna. Please help sharkyt
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