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  1. Wyndy

    boarding ladder

    Nuts were missing from factory. I have not unscrewed them yet.
  2. Wyndy

    boarding ladder

    Look at this build quality. These are the bolts holding the boarding ladder.
  3. Wyndy

    boarding ladder

    Using Google, the standard ladder looks like Garelick GAR-19676. I would need a GAR-19677. Have to get down to the dock and measure the size of the current ladder. Thanks
  4. I have a 2018 R207. Does anyone know who is the manufacturer of the boarding ladder. I am looking for one with 4 rungs. Thanks
  5. Wyndy

    R207 pump out

    Thanks. I have posted on both forums.
  6. Wyndy

    R207 pump out

    Anyone know how the R227 does pump out?
  7. Wyndy

    R207 pump out

    Has anyone installed a vacuum pump out deck plate and hose on the R207 porta pottie?
  8. Wyndy

    R207 rust

    This is my 2018 R207, in the water only 5 months
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