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  1. Just Got this Beauty 2016 put 10 over the weekend, no issues at all I was impressed how good it handle choppy
  2. I got a couple pictures but cant see the white dots . I double check and there are inside the gelcoat . looks like if the white mixed with blue . after second check looks like cosmetic as you thanks
  3. I will definitely post pics . I will be in Fl Keys next week . hopefully with the boat Couldnt get it today ( please see new post in restorations) any advice appreciated
  4. well I went to tge dealer to pick my 2016 brand new 227 but due the year stopped in the marine there were a few light scratches which the dealer kindly offer to repair However Im more concern about a few (maybe 8) white small dots inside the gelcoat the guy told me there is nothing that can ne done cause it is a deffect from the factory paint . due some air bubbles the white gelcoat came out What are your thoughts on that . I dont want to lost the deal for such a insignificant thing but either want to deal with a paint problems later thx in advance for the inputs
  5. Hi everyone . I just close a deal on a new 2016 R227 which is coming home this friday Great to find this forum The boat is perfect for my needs . Im looking foward to meet a local group for bimini trips
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