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  1. I finally got a chance to look at the boat today. The old evinrude 200XP had been removed which is good for the transom sake of the crack not getting any larger. There is also a soft spot in the floor at the helm and the cap is starting to separate on the port side around forward mid ship area. you can see the droop in the rub rail in the pictures. The HIN is SLK952860575-75 and after some quick searches the boat comes back as a 1975 not a 71 like I thought. Pictures will be uploaded once I figure out how to do so. Does anyone have an idea of what the trailer would be worth? It's a tandem axle aluminum that we paced off to be around 24 foot long. All answers and information is appreciated!
  2. Hello again everyone, I should be looking at the boat in the next few weeks. Are there any major signs to look for on the hull that would affect is restoreability or future seaworthiness. Also if the hull number would assist in getting me any helpful information on the boat. Is there any point that the boat would become not worth the time/money/effort of restoring? While I love projects and old school things I'd like to have some knowledge of the boats real worth outside of my own sentimental value before I empty out all of my pockets. Any information or assistance is helpful and appreciated. Thank you in advance. -Josh L.
  3. I'm looking into buying a 71 R200. A brief history of it is that my grandpa bought it new and used it in the keys for years, even repowering it in the 80's I believe with a 200HP Evinrude. The boat was then given to my parents in the 90's until we sold it to my neighbor around 05. He proceeded to use it until the motor blew and the transom was starting to rot. However I was told he replaced the gas tank and some of the surrounding foam before that happened. Now I would love to buy the boat back and restore new life into it. I have not seen the boat recently yet but know it should be in decent shape. I would like to hear back any information I might need to know on replacing the transom or if I find soft spots. Also whether to leave the open transom or use an Armstrong bracket. Any information will be helpful! Thank you in advance.
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