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  1. Sorry about the delay there! ^^^what he Ken said, thanks Ken!
  2. Thanks Dueces! Great advice. Yes my EFI smokes white smoke like the champ she is. I actually kind of like the smoke, pretty funny when I'm on the bulkhead of a crowded harbor!
  3. Thanks Dan! I'll let you know what i end up doing, may try and ride out another season on the EFI and push her a little more.
  4. Thanks! Scuppers have 2-3" off the water so may be good with more weight. I'll have to check this season. Yes the engine itself runs well just the age and super high hours, don't feel confident running her far. Compression is good, the fuel capacity/ efficiency is also an issue, it guzzles fuel.
  5. Hey all, Am a proud owner of a '99 2440 Walkaround with a 250 EFI Merc 2 stroke (lower unit rebuilt). I inherited the boat in '01 at 16 y/o and grew up fishing and exploring Cape Cod with her aptly named "Fond Memories". She is in great shape. I am thinking of not only re-powering but also considering moving from a fork-lift/dry dock operation to a mooring/trailering situation. Know how to trailer and would try and do it minimally but nice to have the mobility. Many questions: What would you suggest for a re-power, 2 stroke or 4? looking to spend $15k all in. I've heard 2 stroke Etec 250 would be good or also a merc opti (if stuck with merc could keep lines?), now that 4 strokes are lighter are they a valid option? I currently love my 2 stroke and its acceleration up to plane but don't have the confidence to take her far from shore with the engines age (30-40 miles off reach tuna up here, 70+ miles round-trip). Also looking for increased fuel efficiency. Also, what trailer would you suggest? Thanks all! -Adam '99 2440 250 EFI
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