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  1. Thanks for the response. Did you purchase your boat brand new and did it come standard with the second Pump?
  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I just purchased a brand new R247. The dealer told me the boat had 2 bilge pumps prior to me purchasing it and the owners manual says it has 2. I have looked hi and low and the boat only has 1. I spoke to the dealer and basically was told ohh we thought it had two. I emailed Robalo and have been ignored. I also placed two calls and haven't received a call back. Not the service I expect. I hope I get some kind of resolution As I am a second time Robalo owner.
  3. I just purchased my first new boat ever, a brand new R247. Upon doing the initial research I asked the dealer if the boat came with 2 bilge pumps they said it did. I also looked at the Robalo site and it says it does. It said it then and it says now. My boat only has one and I would like my second Pump. I have reached out to the dealer and Robalo themselves. The dealer said ohh we thought it had two and Robalo has not answered. FYI the owners manual doesn't say optional next to Bilge Pump 2.
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