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  1. Thank you, this has been quite a project. One thing led to another and hopefully I will have a new to me boat this summer. The T top is custom. It was already on the boat when I acquired it in 2007. But I know the guy who worked and took care of the boat for the owner before me. He will know. I will post again and will also provide an update.
  2. Dan, as I said I tried to drill through the coffin box and thru the bulkhead with a 48” drill bit extension 3/4 inch bit. Going thru the box was easy but I had a heck of a time after that point. Not being able to see where or what I was drilling scared me so I stopped. I patched up the hole in the box, installed the coal tar epoxy tank and surrounded it with foam.
  3. Trouble is with the “missing” foam? He opened the container of Carboncore which is for the transom. He didn’t know the difference. I’m not sure I did at the time, but I when all the products were given to me I wrote down the name and the purpose. I didn’t have that paper handy that day. But more importantly he should have known. And I’ve lost faith in him plus we have had a falling out over some issues. This isn’t the first time either. So I may he going with a Plan B to get the boat finished by the guy who originally gave me all the product. He was supposed to do the boat a couple years ago, but that never materialized. I don’t know when I’m going back to the project but I do appreciate the encouragement.
  4. Oh my...I thought my project was difficult. I didn’t go the length of cutting the deck out like that. But all of the work will be an experience and you will know your boat like no other. Good luck and I will help answer what I can along the way based on my own job.
  5. Nice find! She cleaned up nicely. Almost looks like my ‘78 except for the console. I may have some wiring questions for you, now that you opened up that door haha.
  6. As far as the primer and paint, I’m not sure if I posted about the product. I’m using TotalBoat 2 part epoxy primer, then for paint, Quantum 99 from Jamestown Distributors. This is a hybrid between Alwgrip and Awlcraft. Going with fighting lady yellow on hull, Matterhorn white on topsides and whisper gray on the deck.
  7. The deck shown above is before the 20 hours of additional sanding. It’s all set to go now. But I don’t have anymore pictures.
  8. So, much of this work was done before I went to Hatteras on vacation in October. When I returned, I spent about another 20 hours sanding down the deck and grooves, removed the gunnel boards and sanded all those areas underneath and sanded some more. I was hoping to get the boat primed at least before I went to Hatteras, but with the unexpected delays and goof ups, I couldn’t get that completed. So, the boat sits like this until either he heats the shop to prime and paint, or the weather gets warmer. Frankly I got upset with some of the errors and delays, which unnecessarily cost me time and money. So I burned out for a spell. I was going to do a bunch of wiring, but I need some expert help. So here the boat sits, fully sanded and ready for primer once the conditions present themselves.
  9. I painstakingly sanded and sanded more, the main deck and all the grooves. Tedious work. The Dremel saved the day, but I still had to fold up the 120 grit and get in the grooves to fully remove the old paint.
  10. I also installed the oil reservoir as you can see. The 2 batteries will go in the upper right corner. That installation will be done by the engine crew.
  11. On to the decking. Here is the section which fits under the console. I decided to go with a larger hatch to access the fuel connections to the tank. I don’t even want to discuss what it took to get to this decision, but it was my idea. reinforced underneath with 3/4 inch resin encapsulated plywood, followed by 1/2 inch along the sides.
  12. Talk about waste. At this point I was beginning to lose confidence in having him do the project. Prior to installing the tank, I did try to use the drill extension to drill a drain hole out the bottom of the coffin box through the bulkhead with the drill extension, but I was making no progress drilling thru that bulkhead and without any ability to see what I was drilling, I abandoned the idea. I patched the hole with some foam and 5200. The saga continues.
  13. Of course once the foam was poured and job done, he found the two 5 gallon buckets of the part A and B urethane foam. After a week delay and money out of my pocket.
  14. So going back to my post about the foam pour, turns out my boat guy didn’t seem to know which product was which when it came to the 2 part foam. He opened a can of carboncore but it wasn’t the foam. So after a week delay, luckily I have a fiberglass composite company nearby, so I picked up more than enough foam to take care of the tank. here is a pic after the foam pour. He poured too much in some areas and not enough in others but the job was done.
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