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  1. He sprayed it. I had asked to do it to start learning but he said “we don’t have time to let you mess it up” or something like that. I let it go...it isn’t worth the battle.
  2. Console has primer. I worked on sanding/scuffing the white paint overspray on the deck today. The deck paint is coming Tuesday. I will need to fix that one faulty caulk area first before painting in that area.
  3. Not sure what is happening with this project. But I ended up using plywood to recore my deck, lots of resin and glass.
  4. I came across this post, and leads me to question a couple things on my resto. Should I take some 4200 or a different product to seal the space between the cap and hull before I reinstall the rubrail? I was thinking I should squeeze 4200 in all the holes and fill the seam as well. Then screw in the rubrail. Dunno if the screw holes will align as before. But thinking if not, the old holes will be sealed. then again, this is a 1978 boat. This area of the boat has held up pretty well. But I’d like to seal it all nice and tight before the rubrail. What do you think?
  5. That is a nice rig. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. I too had labor coming my way by barter, but my guy is seriously difficult. Not open to any other way or suggestions except his own as he keeps reminding me he has “done this for 38 years.” hopefully, you have a pleasurable experience and believe me you will know the inside out of your boat . I’m hoping to get in the water mid October so anyway.... I am looking forward to watching your project. Good luck with everything. And remember...”while we are here” leads to one thing after another.
  6. I haven’t tried it yet. My other unit is on the console without any impediments. I suppose if it doesn’t work, I will just use it for a 9” fishfinder screen. Or move the 9 to the console and install the 7” upstairs.
  7. And quite a project boat it would be. My 23 was in better shape, save the floor and gas tank. And mine turned into one thing after another. And I’m still going. i would never put twins on a 20’ boat. Why would you want to have all that extra weight plus all the cost of 2 engines. I’d consider a 2 stroke, either an etec or mercury opti, maybe a yammie ox66 or hpdi. In the 150-175 range. Forget that engine on there, if not buying new etec or 2 stroke mercury then just start looking for a solid used 2 stroke power. If you go 4 stroke, you will lose torque and the extra weigh will definitely require trim tabs. I’d leave the transom as is as long as it is solid. The deck looks in bad shape and instead of recoring the deck it looks like he laid a sheet of plywood? Am I seeing that right? I’d definitely take up the floor and inspect the tank. I’d also redo all the wiring. This looks like a big job. Good luck.
  8. Solid in there. That wood has been dry forever. But I’m not sure how it is attached. It has supported the weight of a stereo and VHF on the right side, no problems. On the left hand side there is wood on the bottom but not on the bottom right. Previously the old Garmin 182 map and Garmin FF were attached to the bottom part. I agree the ability to see the unit is better, but not that much difference really. I did it more to keep it a consistent look and to hide all the wiring. I just have to make sure the knobs stay tight. If I set it on the bottom section, the unit is cradled better and would be less likely to loosen. Which leads me to: one thing crossed my mind. This bracket is metal. I’m am concerned about the strength of the internal antenna for the GPS feature given its containment in the ebox. Would the metal bracket block the antenna signal since the bracket is above the antenna?? This is probably a dumb question.
  9. I just need to clean up the wiring a bit with some clamps and cable ties. The last part of the t top will be the spreader light install. I’m hoping to get that finished tomorrow afternoon.
  10. I did not install the Lowrance bracket on the bottom. I decided to hang it from the top, to hide the wiring and allow for some access underneath
  11. Once that was finished, I needed to install the VHF and new 9” Lowrance brackets. Here are a couple more pics.
  12. I finished the ebox today. I installed the new antenna. Needed to make a slight modification to the hole in the t top to fit the plug through. Then once I fished it into the ebox I was set to start connecting all the stereo wiring. Here are some pics.
  13. I have the dual action sander.. I suppose I could use it lightly on the main deck but I’d be hesitant about screwing up the white outside the deck grid, even if I taped outside to protect the topsides. I think if I scuff it well enough with say 320 grit I should be ok. But I should try to remove as much as possible. I just want to get this done. I am really surprised he sprayed with it blowing 15-20.
  14. We came across a problem with the sealant in the deck seams. At least on the starboard corner, when he was standing on the deck spraying the white, water started coming out the seam. It appeared the caulk dried and cracked. I think we used either 4200 or 5200. Partly why we discovered it is because the starboard side has a flat, but the boat isn’t exactly on the trailer evenly. I’m a little concerned. He wants to cut out the caulk in that area. I recall there wasn’t a lot of room between the cored deck and the fiberglass deck. In that corner. I’m wondering whether the caulk had a chance to get down into the crack.
  15. I debated the non skid. I don’t think I’m going to use it. I think it’s going to be an issue in terms of the maintenance of the deck, if I ever have to repaint it, those beads will be in the cracks and I’d have to sand the heck out of it to knock it down to repaint. I know I’m looking at it down the road instead of present benefits.
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