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  1. I have a 94 1820 that did the exact same thing. Mine ended up being a faulty switch. I could wiggle it and it would work sometimes. I just installed a new rocker switch on the console and bypassed the original switch. Works great. I mounted it just below the throttle control.
  2. Thanks guys! What's the suggested replacement- polypropylene or nylon? Wanting to go with black 3 strand. Is one or the other better? Also, I have read the proper way to install the rope is to first wet the rope and let it dry before installation to "pre-shrink" the rope. Makes sense, but I would think installing it "wet" and letting it dry in place would make a much tighter fit. Any opinions on this?
  3. Wanting to replace the rope in my rub Rail. Thinking of going with black instead of the white original. What size rope is needed?
  4. I agree. I've had them on for a couple of months now. Planes much faster and ride is improved as well. By far the best inexpensive mod for these heavy vessels.
  5. I thought about getting an aluminum plate made that would allow me to slide it forward. I took it out this weekend and the trolling Motor did perfect. The anchor lock feature is a game changer. We went out to St. Simons, GA for a quick weekend trip. Ended up doing pretty good. Caught some redfish, black drum, flounder, and a few small sharks in the mix. First time in the salt in this boat and was pleasantly surprised how well it rides in the chop.
  6. I hadn't cut the bowrail yet in these pics. I'm going to take some new pics and post them up
  7. Well, been somewhat busy lately. I was able to run 6 gauge thhn wire through the pvc tube that the nav lights ran through. Also installed a Marinco plug up front so I could easily remove the TM. Put the batteries in the console, and wired everything up. It turned out nice! I did run into two small issues. First being the bow rail. Which I knew was going to have to be removed or cut. I opted to cut out the center section and I'll figure out how to make it removeable. Second issue was the bow nav lighting. I had to remove the combo light that was mounted up front. I had to mount the trolling motor as far forward as possible to allow proper clearance. Now I need to decide on a solution to nav lights. Thinking I might mount them on the side of the console I'll get some pics up soon to show the progress.
  8. After looking, I noticed that the bow nav light wiring runs into some sort of tubing. Looks like PVC and runs down the port side to the hatch that allows access to the filler tube. I think I can get them ran through there
  9. Boat is a 1994 1820cc. I Just ordered a MotorGuide Xi5 80lb 60" with GPS. My plan is to add 2 batteries in the console. My delima is how to get the wiring to the console from the bow. I do have an anchor locker, but is sealed off to the rest of the hull. Has anyone ran wiring from the bow area to the console? The nav light wiring is in the anchor locker, but they are tiny wires compared to 6 gauge wire. Robalo didn't make it too easy to add a trolling motor on this model. Help!
  10. Beautiful vessel!! Where did you get the ROBALO decals?
  11. Pm Sent. Nice setup. Curious on what fittings you used to attach the rail. Does it swing open or come off?
  12. Received my tabs yesterday. Plan to install them sometime this week. I'll take some install pics in case anyone else needs them in the future.
  13. That's what I'm looking for. Any better pics of your setup?
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. I looked at the swim platform a little closer last night. I believe the tabs will work just fine if I notch out the back of the platform, which shouldn't affect anything. I'm going to order them. I'll post up some pics after the install.
  15. I would like to add some trim tabs to my '94 1820cc. My only issue is that the swim platform/ladder is mounted in the way. I really don't want to remove it, because we do use the boat at the lake and the kids use it to enter the boat while swimming. Has anyone moved or come up with a remedy to install trim tabs in the location? I don't have a pic of my boat at the moment, but here is one I found doing a quick google search. I'm pretty sure my ladder sits a lot lower than the pic here. But, now that I think about it, it looks like maybe they notched the platform for the actuator. I'll snap a pic this afternoon and post it up of my boat and see.
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