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  1. been a busy week. Still havent popped the tank yet BUT i did score a nice merc 250 over the weekend . Its an 05', only 460hrs, complete with all rigging/cables/prop/livorsi controls/gauges/oil tanks etc. Did manage to get one of the ol' Johnsons off tonight though. Should have tank out this week if work dont get in the way. lol
  2. will the poly tanks hold up to the ethenol? never had one so dont really know. Up here in jersey, theres not many places to get "real gas". Pretty much everywhere has E10. Ive heard rumors that theres a couple gas docks with the real stuff, but have yet to find them.
  3. Nasty job indeed! Theres no ID plate or anything left on this tank- at least not on top. Still not done pulling it. Did notice a few holes worn through the top though. Gas fumes are pretty strong but if you give the tank a rapp or two, it sounds empty but i think there may be a few gallons still in there still. Have to find a pump so when i get the sender out (which is going to be a job by itself unless i break it out) i can get a hose or something in there to drain whatever is in there. I have some aluminum fuel line left over from when i built my car so i may use that to get to the rear of the tank. Hopefully i can get this thing out this week. So when you say weld some tabs on the tank- im assuming you mean that hang over the top edge of the coffin? Thanks for all the advice! this is where we left off tonight. ...
  4. Got the coffin opened today.. Wasnt as bad as i was expectying but its still looked like crap in there. Front to tank the foam was dry but seen a little water the deeper i went. Rear of the tank- LOADS of water, rotten foam with a mud-like consistency. Been copping little by little with a big screwdriver. buzzed the sides with a cordless sawzall and long demo blade. hoses are beyond shot. going to try to get sending unit out tomorrow and set up some sort of A-Frame with a come-along and try to pop the tank out. Im dying to see underneath. More to come -cheers
  5. got the t top off, the rats nest of wires cleared out, and the console off. Tomorrow we get dirty! Lots of pics to come.
  6. foam wasnt too bad. It was a little wet around the edges- more so down towards the bottom - there are some pics on here somewhere that i posted a few years ago when i did it. I only removed from the rear of the livewell back to transom. Havent been able to see any stringers as of yet. I need to pop the coffin and yank the tank- thats where im sure i will run into some snafu's. As for the the transom- i was actually considering seacast or something similar (poured). Ive read mostly good things. If i was going to do a full restore, i would pull the entire deck and do it the normal way- maybe beef it up some.
  7. Hey all.. been a couple years since checking in (2016/2017). The boat has been sitting (life got in the way). BUT we will be re-starting on the restore project once again within the next week or so. Last thing i did to her was cut an access hatch into the rear deck behind the live well and started to remove foam, installed a garboard drain and was trying to figure out what to do with the motors. So NOW the game plan is to remove the tank and remove as much foam as i possibly can. Install a new tank if i can find something that will fit good (any info would be much appreciated) and i think im going to get a single 225 for now. Transom is still solid- no bouncing, but im sure it wont be long before that needs to be done so maybe next winter we'll try to knock that out. Glad to be back and cant wait to catch up on the posts! Cheers!
  8. You got that right ! haha I wish she would fit in the garage so i can work during the winter.
  9. Time to put the old gal up for the winter. Coudnt complete the restoration this summer, but did manage to get alot done since July. Just too busy at work (work is such an inconvenience!) Hopefully we will have an early spring here in NJ so I can get back on it.
  10. i really need to start on these motors. ive had the new tilt/trims for over a month now. lol - i just dont want to do it but it has to be done. i dont even know if the tank is any good. gotta do a pressure test. stay tuned
  11. ok, so ive been extremely busy the past few weeks with little time to work on the boat, but we are getting stuff done little by little. I have off the next couple of days so im really going to try to make use of my time and bang things out. Heres some pics of the drain, the bilge, and new decal. ive been wet-sanding and compounding the hull as well (3m super duty rubbing compound is awesome stuff!) Ive also re-painted the deck with pettit ezpoxy in platinum grey. looks pretty good - was a PIA to pressure was up all the layers of old paint on the deck, but i managed to get most of it off down to the original nasty greenish-brown (eww).
  12. Tonight's progress - 2 coats of epoxy resin over the bare wood. give it a light sanding tomorrow and install the hatch.
  13. Hi Doughnut! I have no clue - Ill go in there tomorrow and get some pics and inspect a little closer. Hey - by the way 1.75" on the garboard drain was on the money!!! Thanks!!!
  14. I just cut mine open. adding 13"x30" access hatch. removing rear foam and poof - access to bilge. mines a 78' 256 - dont know if its similar or not.
  15. No prob larry! haha- it works great. just stab it a couple times, give a twist and it pops right out. 4"x4" chunks (and larger) all day long! HA!
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