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  1. I used 5200 to seal the holes. They are Atwood 30 degree holders. I went with 30s for trolling. They held up well over the weekend. Caught 3 nice dolphin out of Cape Canaveral this weekend. The transom area that I cut into was about an inch or so thick. I used a hole saw to dill it out. You have to use a corded drill. it's like drilling through concrete and gets very hot. I bought a 36" strip of aluminum from HD and cut them down for the backing plates. I discovered after that Robalo uses Gemlux (not sure of the spelling) rodholders stock. I found them online after I put these on. They are a bit lower in price. They also make their own backing plates to match the holders which is nice.
  2. I'm new to the forum but wanted to share some pics of the rod holders I added to my 2016 R200. I was lacking some in the transom area for trolling. I used small aluminum strips for backing plates. Look pretty good. It was a bit scary cutting 2" holes in my boat.
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