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  1. I've developed quite a soft spot along the CC. And its cracking - draining out garboard. What's under here? Foam? Plywood? Thanks.
  2. That, sir, is indeed the question!
  3. The wedge is actually thicker at the top effectively increasing the tuck????
  4. Rebuilding a 1972 R190. At some point in its life, a transom wedge was installed. It's my (limited) understanding that wedges are regularly installed on some boats to enhance performance while other boats do not benefit. Does anyone have specific intel on this model? Mercury 150 on the back. Thanks.
  5. Redoing 1972 R190. Finally got the old fuel filler line out and spent a jillion dollars on a 1 1/2" replacement hose only to find out that the new gas tank - provided by the PO - has a 1 1/4" intake. Grrrrr. Any thoughts on where I could find some sort of reducer, or ???? Thanks.
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