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  1. Good Morning, I have a '97 2540 and need some of the covers. Mine seems smaller than the dimensions in your drawing. The screw holes on the sides are slightly less than 2" apart, center to center. The fabriform P/N is 51955 611598J. Will your design work on my boat?
  2. Pokermon

    IMG 5934

    Wow, great repair
  3. I'm thinking about going to a bigger screened unit. I have a Sitex EC-7. 18 months old. Would you be interested in that, I would need about $400 for it.
  4. The seal on the helm pump is super easy to replace. Getting the steering wheel off is the hardest part.
  5. I would buy more than 150 ft of rope. 250-300 usually handles all needs. I also like to use 5/16ths chain and shackles. 20 ft works well. I'm a Captain Ted Smallwood sort of guy. Pokermon
  6. I have tried twice to seal the connection joint between my top and bottom hulls..On the 2540 the joint is dips beneath the water line as the boat rocks up and down in seas. Water comes in at a fast rate when anchored in seas or pushed up on the beach. Has anyone found a good fix for this issue. Pokermon
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