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  1. I've used them up to 100 ft. bump off the bottom, jig them, the kid makes them with real feathers. ther'er a little pricey but I love them
  2. just doing more wood removal today, jacked up the bow today so no water collects wile being worked on
  3. just started cutting yesterday
  4. Let's see some pictures frog, I'm working on my transom too. work on boat, make some money, work on boat. you know.
  5. Hello everyone iv'e got a 1981 19ft robalo although it looks like a 20ft. What i want to do is cut out the plywood from the inside and replace it. My question is has anyone ever used this method before here? The inside of the boat near the transom has a tool box on either side ill have to cut those out in order to gain access on the back side of the transom. anyone with any ideas let me know. Also does anyone know of replacement plastic tanks that fit inside these boats? I cant believe that theres not a company out there that doesnt have these tanks in stock it seems like this is a common
  6. did you replace the transom, do you have pictures
  7. HAy thanks for all your help Dan. I guess I'll search around the site and look at some of the other members transoms, too see how they removed them, The old conventional way with marine plywood And 2 part epoxy, would be nice
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