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  1. hello again, I did install the terrova trolling motor equivalent to the riptide 112 72" just not salt water version, you need the 72" shaft if you anticipate using this motor effectively with any wave height. I would not recommend using a 60" for this boat. I was going to install the ulterra but was advised against it by the install guy at cabelas. I guess Min Kota still hasn't got the auto deploy right. the worm gear is plastic and breaks leaving you with the trolling motor stuck in the water. when I was looking at getting one in early may, the cabelas install guy said he had installed
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the water temp issues, gas, and trolling motor. I will be glad if I don't have to use wind socks to slow down for trolling, although I hear that socks keep your boat more balanced and steady in the lake. I have trolled with several boats out on the lake, used buckets and trolling plate, never socks. Would like to get away from the extra hassle. we just got snow yesterday but I'm getting excited to get this thing in the water. Probably get out early may.
  3. I recently purchased a 2014 r227 with a Yamaha 200 fxb. I am very excited about owning this boat. closest thing to new I will probably ever own. I would like to put a trolling motor on the front bow. I am looking at a Minn Kota ulterra. I mostly fish salmon in the great lakes but will also be fishing on smaller lakes and want to avoid using the Danforth Anchor. Hence the trolling motor (anchor spot). This trolling motor will allow me to simplify the boating process in many ways but I am wondering if any one has experience putting a trolling motor on this hull. I noticed online (the hull
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