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  1. I purchased a new Robalo R242 Aug 2015, on my 4th launch the bilge area flooded. We were catching bait fish 2 miles out of Port Canaveral. The seas were 2-3 feet, to keep the boat close to the channel marker I use reverse more than I should have, that’s my fault, lessons learned. After catching two dozen bait fish, we headed out and quickly noticed the R242 with a single Yamaha 300hp would not come up on plane. I opened the bilge access door and discovered more than 1 foot of water. The water level was at the top of the batteries on the R242. I looked over the side and no water was coming from the bilge. I quickly hit the manual bilge switch and water immediately started shooting out the bilge. As the bilge was pumping I checked the splashwell and it was full of water. It took a good 30 minutes for the water to empty. I reached down by the float switch and pulled out several pieces of debris (wire clippings and tie wrap ends). We (dealer and I) determined the new Robalo was delivered with loose access covers and a stuck float switch. A combination of the water coming into the splashwell, loose access covers leaking and stuck float switch caused the water level to rise to the point the spashwell was completely under water. I realize I am 100% at fault and a seasoned captain would have checked the access covers, bilge float, pump, etc. before heading out. I have 2 concerns; I’m concerned of the damage caused by that amount of saltwater in a brand new Robalo R242 as the vacuum flush toilet pump complete seized and had to be replace by the dealer. My second concern is for other boat owners who are not aware of the potential hazard. I have since learned this could be a problem with the stern livewell not being properly sealed.
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