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  1. Very nice vacation. Recommend this area to anyone, lots to do. Manteo Marine was awesome with the trailer repair. In my bucket list is to get back to go out to the canyons on one of the tuna boats. I have never done that. The family had a lot of fun fattening up sheepshead and whatever else was stealing our bait. My daughter caught the only legal one. we are heading home a little fatter and a little tired but happy!
  2. Trailer is repaired. Manteo Marine was awesome. They put a new hub and bearings on it, no brake on that wheel. Next project is to switch it over to stainless caliper disk brakes.
  3. We did ok on clamming, enough for us. Got them on the large flats just north of the channel heading to the bridge. Tide was dropping and the wind swung our boat on the sand, I was busy clamming and didn't notice. We were stuck for a bit and had to wait for a big boat to pass and give us a lift with the wake to push off. Going to fish some this morning. Hoping tomorrow to get out on the ocean.
  4. Thanks for the offer on the hub. I am hoping Manteo can at least put new hub and bearings on. I can get home without 1 pair of brakes. Today is family beach day. Thursday I might be out chasing macs too.
  5. Made it down Sunday night. Rain Monday, Tuesday we put the boat in , did some clamming and watched some dolphins. Had to take the trailer to Monteo Marine, bearing went and wrecked one hub and brake. Ugg. Hope it can be fixed by Sunday. Beautiful place, we are having fun.
  6. Thanks for all the help. We will be down there next Sunday the 18th thru 25th!!
  7. My wife got a huge smile on her face when I told her about the shops on Manteo. I can feel my wallet get thiner already.😆😆
  8. I read about your offshore trip, sounded fun!! Thanks for the info, great ideas. My kids are all older, daughter is 15, my son and his wife are in their 20s. But we'll have fun!! You mentioned before about going out to the state reef. What suggestions do you have there?
  9. Ok, getting closer to July 18 so following up... Fishing the pilings for black drum and sheepshead, suggestions for bait and tackle? Same for going out 2 miles to the state reef. What is a good bait n tackle shop in the area. Thank you for the restaurant suggestions. I was told to add ONeil's to the list. My wife is cranked for those. Any big things we "gotta do" when down there? I want to climb one of the lighthouses and see the big dunes. Thanks for the tips. Bob
  10. I gotta check that out. Thank you!
  11. While I am looking at the anchor locker and its issues, what the heck is this thing that goes from the top down into the anchor locker? What is its purpose?
  12. OK, get what you are saying. One concern I have if I just patch it temporarily is that I can continue to get moisture into the wood and cause further damage. Yiur solution fixes that.. The wood appears to be dry at the moment, the boat has been stored inside all Winter. I have plastic board, some kind of white marine plastic, that's about a 1/2 inch thick, I could use that and bed it in if you think that might work . I am a firm believer in using what I have on hand when feasable.
  13. I was afraid you were going to say that!😝 Thanks for the advice. That will have to be a project for down the road, no time now. I will put some extra backing, maybe a small steel plate as a washer on the inside to get me thru the season.
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