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  1. I did order a switch> It was pretty easy to take apart the handle. I sprayed some lube into the switch, and it still only goes down, not up. Still works fine at the motor. We will see when the new switch gets here. I'll also follow the wiring from the binnacle to the motor as well while I'm waiting for the switch to arrive.
  2. The switch on the lever works for lowering the motor, but not up. I did have the boat in to have a kicker installed about a month ago. Perhaps something happened during the install?!
  3. It is the Quicksilver control box. Thanks!
  4. I have a 1993 1820CC with the original 150hp Merc Black Max and controls. It runs fine, no problems or issues. Went to get the boat cleaned up for the season, and went to trim the motor up to pull it out of storage, and the switch on the shift lever does not work. The ones on the motor work just fine. Just the remote switch doesn't work. When pressing to lower the motor, there is a click, but no movement on the motor. When raising, no sound or action noted. Has anyone here removed, or repaired this? there's not a lot on this subject anywhere! Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!! Mahalo!! JR
  5. Also, Costco has some nice LED lights that stick on and can be controlled with a remote. I have them in the instrument area and a couple of other places. They are only $18 for a pack of 6.
  6. Good to see we have the same boat, although one year apart. Just wondering about something I've noticed on mine. Right next to the motor, adjacent to the bilge area, there is a black capped hose connector. There's a chain attached to the cap. I haven't been able to figure out what this is for?? Raw water wash down? I don't have a picture of it, but will try and get one. Boat is winterized and covered at the moment. Just thought maybe you would know what this is. I have not had the experience that you did with the live well. Hoping you are enjoying your boat! JR
  7. I've looked at Strykers too. They are a bit spendy, but the local shops around the Puget Sound are in the $1500-2000 range for a "custom" T top. Might head to the boat show in January and see what's out there before buying a Stryker.
  8. Wanting to add a T-top to my 1993 1820 this winter/next spring. Anybody have suggestions as to what brand/style fits best? Anybody have experience with the folding ones versus static ones? There was a "radar arch" with a bimini on it when I bought it, but like the thought of the T-top with an E box for extra storage, and the ability to put paddleboards on top if I want. Thanks!
  9. My new to me 1993 1820 CC. Is in great shape, original 1993 150 Black Max Recent winterization, and can't wait to get out on it next spring. Has anyone had a cushion made for the front deck area. Or, replaced the padded gunwales? Any advice appreciated.
  10. 1820CC

    1993 1820CC

    A couple of picture of my 1993 1820.
  11. 1820CC

    1993 1820CC

    Hello, I'm happy to have stumbled upon this site! I recently purchased a 1993 1820CC with the original Mercury Black Max 150hp motor on it. During the trial outing, I found it to be very quick to get up on a plane. Maybe 4-5 seconds. Bear in mind that it was the owner, and myself, virtually no gear. But, it was quick to get up on a plane. I plan on using dry storage bags for the storage lockers in the bow floor. Has anyone replaced the padded rails along the inside of the hull? Has anyone made a cushion for the front deck? Got a very good deal on it, and feel quite happy with my find!! Any and all suggestions or tips that you all have found would be greatly appreciated.
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