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    Fishing and boating, it is what I want to do 24-7 once I retire. Hope to learn from the forum to maintain my vessel and hope to give back as well.

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  1. I own a 2014 R245 which is out of production if you did not know that, 2015 was the last year and in my opinion a shame as it is a great boat. I hear you on the R265 with the built-in rear bench, that is the only option now but older ones will have the fold away transom seat with bait prep ad live well on the stern like my 245. With a full load of fuel the 245 tracks vert well and takes the chomp great without beating the crap out of you, with a Yamaha 300 I get 2.1 mpg at around 30 knots depending on tide and winds. 139 gallon tank. Coaming bolsters are high enough to settle in nicely
  2. Try going to Robalo's website site and under "owners" you can find the parts lists and see if they have a number, if not a dealer should have the resources to get the number.
  3. When my kid was 10 he was unstoppable helping the old man. 12 these was fussing and why hwy why but he still helped out. Soon to be 14 he was nowhere in sight. But he just got his CT boaters certificate yesterday. got 54 of 60 questions right!, and if he wants to entertain the ladies in a few years he better get acquainted with the buffer!
  4. Yeah you are right, had them mixed up. Going to Defender this weekend and will look at pro polish. For the non skid and heavy traffic areas I may try Rejex that Rich always has good words for. Look it up, it looks great and holds up better than Woodys on non skid
  5. Yeah Mark I was watching the ShurHold vids and saw the Pro Polish which is cool that the abrasion gets finer as you work the product. I got the idea for a dual action from them but did not want to spend the money so the Harbor Freight was the answer. The hull seems to last the season but yeah top side I need to use a good finish wax and will be doing that in the next week or two in the marina. Oh yeah the one cheap feeling part is the on / off switch, it is plastic and sometimes takes an effort to shut off while keeping the pad on the boat.
  6. So I pulled out the boat from the barn from it's long winter slumber and this year decided that no way was I going to buff a 25' boat again by hand. My left shoulder has to be replaced as it is. I went on YouTube and watched the reviews of the Harbor Freight dual action and other than repacking the grease in the gearcase with quality grease it was getting great reviews. Went to the website and BOOM there was a coupon for $49.99 for the buffer! Bought it with two fine cut pads and right away repacked with quality high temp grease and went to work. Not as beefy as a brand name but still w
  7. Agreed on the switch possibly being faulty. POs 1 should be for the motor and 2 for electronics so you cycling through the switch is telling me the connections on the switch may be going south. Since it is a 2015 I would think it is under warranty.
  8. That is beautiful Dan, I am always so impressed with the glass knowledge on this site. I am scared and measure 9 times before cutting a simple hole for a 7" Raymarine and you guys are building entire consoles. Great job and thanks for the lesson!
  9. Other than my wife and son my boat is my best achievement Rich, worked and saved my butt off for it and it brings me peace. When walking out of the barn last November I did not even look back. I will be posting a how to thread on battery hook ups because I see lots of questions about that so will add pictures and how I do my rigging. Also have a new mahogany gold leaf plank to hang on the transom that I will post how I did that. You and other have such great threads doing upgrades I need to pull some of the weight around here haha.
  10. Cedar lined as well plus your rocket launcher project just blows me away. I need my kids to grow up fast and let me do some projects.
  11. I have easy access to the bus in my R245 so just have to run the fish tape from the stern to the helm. One week left......I get my baby from the barn this coming Sunday the 23th!!!!!!
  12. Link to manual, forgot, http://www.robalo.com/publications/uploaded_files/377/2012-Robalo-R180-R200.pdf
  13. According to the 2012 manual you should be able to start the engine from either 1 or 2, while the engine is running in pos 1 the engine will charge batt #2. 2 is for cabin / aux electronics. That is on page 3-2. Page 11-12 shows the wiring schematic for the switch and 2 batteries. The common lug goes to the started so that explains why batt #2 is firing the engine. Batt #1 runs the auto bilge and stereo memory so are they working? I agree with Dan, swap the batteries to see if batt#1 fires the engine, if so I would be troubleshooting the switch.
  14. Wow great document Rich! So you are using the ground bar near the bilge and running the hot to the breaker at the helm it seems, that answers questions for me when I attempt this next spring. Thanks for your hard work making the .PDF!
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