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  1. Must have been an awesome trip Lee
  2. Is that the new North Korean submarine??
  3. Thanx Dan....Looks like a great spot......And the scenery is allot better than winter coats and hats...Hope you enjoy it all
  4. we can only hope.......6* in nh thismorning....a pic is worth a thousand words.....and about 80* Enjoy a great trip Dan
  5. Hope everyone is enjoying time with friends and family......Merry Christmas
  6. wish we would get it up here and not you guys in the south with boats in the water.We need the rain extremely badly, but oh well Good luck and stay safe friends
  7. Glad to hear you're getting better.....Spring stripers will be there before you know it
  8. Did you do anything with the gas tank?....If so how did you get at it/
  9. The same issue as my '72. They didn't put a HID# plate on them then. I had to get mine certified by the state , and they assigned a HIN# ...NHxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. OK guys it's that time of year again. The deep freeze has hit the North East and there is snow on the ground. I need to see some pics of warm places and BIKINIS
  11. My first was a 1960 something 14' Arkansaw Traveler with a 22hp Merc(the white one) wish i still had that motor...Knowing nothing about boats at the time,the first launch I never put a rope on the boat and it floated out into the lake.Had to swim 50 yards to get it.Only problem was it was October and I nearly froze to death and had to reload the boat and return home,
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