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  1. Thanks for the tips, Dan. Once I get the transom cleaned up I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  2. That's not going to be possible, Dan. I'm working alone and will have to do it in sections. My plan is to take a day to apply right and left halves for the first 2 layers then adding an additional layer the width of the motor opening and finishing the entire transom with the cabosil thickened epoxy. I'll be working wet on wet but there's no way for me to get the last coat on before the previous one kicks.
  3. Dan, going with epoxy because I have quite a bit on-hand and am out of vynilester and polyester as well as gelcoat. Layup plan will be 3 layers of 1700 followed by cabosil thickened epoxy to fill the weave. I am planning to use a 2 part paint on the transom and center console.
  4. I've replaced the transom on my 1975 R200 from the inside and would like to glass the outside of the transom. I don't know what kind of bottom paint is on there but pretty sure it is an ablative. I'm also pretty sure I need to sand it off prior to glassing it with epoxy but want confirmation before I make more work for myself. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, Mr R. That gives me a starting point.
  6. I hope someone has this info as I'd hate to have to weigh the hull and trailer, unload the hull onto stands, weigh the trailer itself, then do the calculations. The new R200's are shown as 3000 lbs dry weight but I don't think I can go by that. Even a ballpark figure would be a help. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm already talking with him. Thanks for seconding the suggestion.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Ken. Got most of it done. New console, new transom, stringers kneed into the transom (deck height), new rear deck with 16x16 access hatch, new rear half of coffin cover, replaced cable steering with hydraulic steering, and all new wiring in conduits. Still have to mount the T-top and electronics. I also still have some glasswork to do but nothing major. I'm going to wait until cooler weather before I awlgrip the deck.
  9. Just bought an Etec 200hp to replace the 130 hp Yammie that was on my R200. The Etec is almost 200 lbs heavier than the old motor so I'm looking for prop suggestions that will give me some stern lift. I'm willing to listen to all points of view and not specifically BRP products. Thanks in advance
  10. If the pump won't stop running it's not a fuse problem, probably a stuck float switch.
  11. Thanks Dan, that really helped clear my head. The flashing I have made a great plug. I also had a can of carnuba car wax in the garage so I'll use that as a release agent. I'll pick up some mat tomorrow and glass over the weekend.
  12. I'm starting to put everything back together but I've run into a problem. I need to replace a couple of feet of the cap but have no idea how to make it match the rest. I have some flashing so i'm going to try making a mold of the exterior tomorrow. I know I'll need some kind of release agent before I start laying glass in it but which one? Also, need to know how to get the air out from between the layers of glass, the cap is only 3" wide. My guess is that I'll have to go heavy on the epoxy resin and use a stiff brush to bust any air bubbles. Am I on the right track or what?
  13. Wishing everyone here at Robaloboating.com a very Merry Christmas or Happy Chanuka, depending on which, if either, that you celebrate. Larry
  14. Hey guys, I contacted Ken yesterday and he thinks a Powertech SFS4 in 18 pitch would be a good place to start. Told him I'll get back to him when I'm ready to mount the engine. You're right, he's a great guy to deal with.
  15. Thanks for the recommendation, guys. I'll contact Ken on Monday.
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