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  1. Looks like they finally got it cleaned up and back online. Nothing new is posted yet (other than my post saying we're glad they're back up), but it appears like it did before the Russians did all their postings.
  2. Of course I'm glad things are finally correcting the total mismanagement of menhaden resources in the Chesapeake Bay. Now I'll start working toward bringing Virginia in line with all the other eastern states and eliminating menhaden fishing in state waters. They still can post boats right off the bay bridge tunnel and sweep in and clear the waters of all fish while I'm out there trying to catch a single cobia. In Carolina, Maryland and other states they have to go beyond the 3 mile limit, while sweeping up fish right down to the beach on our coast..
  3. Garmin offers XM weather on your chartplotter via an $800 GXM 53, if you want to stay with a factory installed Garmin. Simrad offers a $699 XM weather and radio system at $699, the WM-3 system. Don't think I can help with the radio's offered by Robalo.
  4. I haven't been able to find anything on a 35'. You might try dealer as they could ask their contact at Robalo. Sorry, but without the forum it's almost impossible for a customer to get info from Robalo directly. You might get an answer if you try Robalo's get a quote: http://robalo.com/CustomerCare.php?content=sales&type=1&location_id=
  5. Almost missed this one. At a federal level: H.R. 2236: The Forage Fish Conservation Act Introduced by CSC Vice-Chair Representative Debbie Dingell, H.R. 2236 would ensure that forage fish species are considered for their critical role in marine ecosystem function and health. Currently, the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act (MSA) manages important forage fish species like menhaden just as they do predator species like greater amberjack, red snapper, grouper, etc., using a single-species management model and managing to a maximum sustainable yield. However, this approach fails to account for the need to leave fish in the water as forage for other recreationally and commercially important fish species, as well as marine mammals and birds. This bill would simply require the regional fishery management councils consider the impacts of forage fish harvest quotas on other fish populations and the marine ecosystem when developing new, or revising existing, forage fish management plans.
  6. I don't know if this will pass, but FINALLY a bill to move menhaden management to scientists: http://www.nmma.org/press/article/23049
  7. Sorry about your reception problem. That and physical access were my main issues in where to mount. I checked how far away I could get from the boat and it's further than I can see the water stream from the engine, so no problems there. In fact I had hoped it wouldn't go so far. The test in the water was just behind the motor and it cut off in seconds and that's the main one I was concerned about.
  8. Dan, the Robalo.com forum has been out for around a month. They had lots of garbage put on the board during the holidays (guess it was not monitored and not protected well enough) and they took it down. So, this is the ONLY Robalo forum up and running at this time. Maybe you'll have to create sections for NEW boats on the board:-)
  9. If the sensor battery (what you wear) dies or gets lost, you can override it for many hours (8 hours each time, I think) and do so multiple times by pressing the MOB control button for 10 seconds. Or, there is a bypass attached to the connected wiring harness and can use the bypass to override the MOB altogether by disconnecting the wire harness going to the MOB and plugging it into the bypass. I tested the MOB control button override and I know it works. Probably check the physical wiring bypass on the next trip out.
  10. I know that would be a real problem. Glad they were able to fix it for you.
  11. It can parallel the binnacle kill switch, but it can also replace it. I chose to use it to replace the kill switch as on this boat. I never wore the tether as the placement would have forced me to stay in the chair. Now I can wander anywhere and I'm wearing the kill switch like a watch and no worry when fishing alone or with inexperienced boaters. It works on a wireless channel to a battery operated sensor. If the sensor gets wet (in over 4 inches of water), or out of range (couldn't get out of range and still see the engine exhaust) it shuts the engine off in seconds.
  12. Although I no longer have a Robalo, I think some of this would apply to anyone installing a MOB. Decided to install my Christmas present today. It was 72 degrees, partly sunny, but with a 20knot wind and 4 foot steep waves so I didn't get out on the water, except to test the MOB. Let me tell you it's never as simple as it seems it should be. I tried to figure out where to place the MOB. After trying to find a place that would allow the antenna to remain fairly straight I ended up placing it near the console storage door opening. No where else seemed to address the antenna issue and the ability to remove the connector going to the MOB to allow for bypassing the MOB if necessary. Normal gosh awful problem in wiring up the 12vdc and ground wires with buss bars way too small. On a Sailfish 245DC getting to the shut off wire requires removing the speaker and reaching up to the find the wire going to the the shut off. I got that okay, but I never figured out where the wires actually went. After much frustration trying to find the destination, it appears (I couldn't see it, just could feel it) that it goes to a 12-16 wire connector. Not sure where after that. Gave up, cut the wire near the speaker opening and pulled it into the console storage area and wired it into the MOB. Good news is it works! Put the sensor in a couple of inches of water right behind the boat and the engine cut off almost immediately. Now I can walk around the boat while it's running on autopilot and if for some reason I end up in the water the engine will cut off. No more having to be tethered to the kill switch to be safe.
  13. Per prima cosa potresti controllare che lo scafo sia di coperta sia correttamente sigillato a prua. Mi dispiace non posso aiutare di più, ma forse un proprietario 2520 risponderà.
  14. FullThrottle

    2005 r260

    Hope you'll get some answers soon from R260 owners. I can tell you that my R207 would let me cruise around 24-26 in 2 to 3 foot seas unless they were very steep (as defined by the USCG). My Robalo stayed very dry for a boat that size and seemed fine in rough water. I got caught about 40 miles offshore in an unexpected thunderstorm and ended up in 4-6 very steep and messy seas for about an hour. The boat did great and handled it fine, but I have to admit the boat did better than I did. No fun getting bounced around, but I never was concerned about the capabilities of the boat or my safety. The extra size and weight of your planned purchase should allow you to be pretty comfortable in 2-3 foot seas at cruising speed or above.
  15. Screen was filled with bait. No balls, but scattered and fairly thick everywhere around Cape Henry. After viewing the bait I really figured we see whales, but didn't see one sign. The birds floating around proved no whales were anywhere near. Looked for them on the way to the islands too and didn't see any, but probably couldn't see much more than a mile or two due to the fog. I don't know, maybe whales don't like scattered bait and prefer the bait balls. I know in the past the bait was thick as weeds near the whales.
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