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  1. I did a lot of reading before deciding on the radar. I know the Fantom has some drawbacks, but it's advantages are what I was looking for. Love that I can tell if a a boat is approaching or heading away and seeing so much more than the chartplotter maps show. Anyway, we were on the beach and getting ready to leave when a thunderstorm started. Picked it up and tracked it on the radar. The storm started around Little Creek harbor, which is where we were headed, so it was nice to be able to watch it leave from a safe distance. The radar picked up the storm over 8 miles away and it probably will see one quite a bit further away, however we were only about 8 miles from port when the storm formed.
  2. I had two engines on my Albemarle. I agree that docking was much easier with two engines, but we had one go out once and had to come back on a single engine. Couldn't get on plane of course, so very slow going and tough to steer since the engine that went bad had the power steering. My new boat is a single engine and Sea Tow say's they'll come out 100 miles to get me if I need them, so I got a Garmin inReach to send text messages or emails via satellite. Oh... two engines means twice the cost on maintenance. It does provide some piece of mind, but for me 100 mile return with 1 engine would take about the same time as getting Sea Tow to come out and get me. If you got the Simrad with the boat, it has GPS already according to the Robalo site. Our boats are very similar and I was looking at a 247, but my wife fell in love with the Sailfish, so we got that as it was her turn to choose the boat. Very happy with her choice. http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6867-new-boot-stripe-and-decal/ Look down a bit and you'll see the Sailfish.
  3. Nice looking boat. Sure you'll have lots of fun with it.
  4. Congrats on the purchase and joining the forum. Welcome.
  5. You could get the entire HIN and look it up at https://hindecoder.com/ If you decide to rename the boat, remember the ceremony: https://www.goodoldboat.com/reader_services/articles/naming.php I've found longer, more difficult renaming procedures, but this one should do.
  6. Its 84 miles from Little Creek to the canyon. Love the combination plotter and autopilot. It provided the mileage, direction and estimated time. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Had a variety of 'baits' out. Artificial ballyhoo, real ballyhoo naked and dressed and one 'lure'. The lure caught the Mahi. I think the knock downs were Mahi too, but not sure. In one case I saw the hit and I thought it was a Mahi, but then a dolphin came up and it looked like it hit the fish on the line and whatever it was came unhooked. Never seen that before. The hoo was torn up, but no clear marks to indicate what it was. Dredged the Mahi in beer batter and fried tonight. Hmm..Good eats.
  7. Another Sailfish boat (320) went south towards the Carolina line and came up empty trolling, but did manage a Swordfish while bottom fishing. I headed to Norfolk Canyon knowing I was still hundreds of miles from the Gulf Stream and the water temp got cooler when I got to the canyon. Figured on not much happening and the few other boats near us didn't catch anything while we were there and they left shortly after we arrived. I trolled south, nothing. Then east, west and back to the start of the canyon. As I got just outside of the canyon, we nailed two good size Mahi and had 3 knock downs. Ran back several times, but no more hits. We'll be eating Mahi tonight. Good trip with waves less than a foot and fish in the box.
  8. FullThrottle


    Not sure what's happening. A friend of mine swore everyone was catching their limit at Bluefish rock and he needed to burn off his 'winter' gas, so on the 16th we took his boat and headed to the rock. Snotty day with waves about a foot and half with winds about 15 knots. Found about 10 other boats all anchored up so we found our spot with good contours and anchored up. Great marks on the fish finder, but several hours later and several pounds of chum (regular and my mix of dog food and menhaden oil), we'd only had two bites. One was a shark by the marks on the eel and I'm guessing the other was a bluefish, but that was it. Oh well, there's still a lot of summer left, but I'm guessing a large number of the cobia may have already passed through. Maybe one of us will get lucky and catch a straggler.
  9. If it was my boat, I'd get some fiberglass repair, or 3M 5200 and fix the hole area 1st. Then I'd buy an aluminum 6063-t5 bar (doesn't have to be too thick, but should be at least 1 inch wide) to spread the load. Drill matching holes in the aluminum and use it for backing the holes when remounting the seat. If you have to buy longer screws, use Stainless 316 screws. Haven't had your problem, but similar experiences on boats and the above resolved the issues.
  10. This forum has been invaluable source of information. I really appreciate in input of so many Robalo owners, and as fretz said " the underappreciated work of an admin".
  11. FullThrottle


    I took my bride out Saturday for a Sunrise cruise and we went down the beach front. Never saw anyone catching cobia, nor boats gathered like they'd found them. Yesterday I decided to take the right equipment and try for cobia. Same as Saturday's trip and I never got a hook up, nor spotted any rays. I ran the clarkspoon out on a rod figuring that I'd probably hooked something right before the cobia hit. Well, I hooked a couple of blues and ran with them a bit, then a spanish mackerel. Hooking them on medium equipment was hard to even detect I'd hooked anything. Saw several boats out looking but no one stopped like they'd found anything. They probably know it's getting closer to the 1st and they've all scattered before it's legal to keep them 😁
  12. FullThrottle


    It hit a clarkspoon I had on for the small fish. I was running a bucktail for cobia on a larger rod and a drone for cobia. I was rigging up an artificial eel at the time of the strike and getting the bucktail ready for casting. I had run around the 2nd island at dawn (beautiful sunrise Sunday) as I heard they'd been hitting there, but no luck and no signs of fish. Small bait balls on fishfinder. Headed over to Cape Henry and much more bait and the balls were larger and tighter, but nothing hit (was told spanish were biting on planners, so I had two out). When I saw the cobia sighting boats, I changed up lures (not the small one of course) and headed in their direction (about 2 miles offshore near the green can buoy). Again plenty of bait tightly packed. One of the 'issues' with having extra seating for the family cruises is that there isn't gunwale storage for rods. So, when I fish I have to take the rods onboard each time. With gunwale storage I always kept lighter tackle onboard and just brought the bigger rods. So, at 4am I only grabbed 3 rods and hadn't expected cobia, so it was two light weights and one medium rod. Guess I'm going to have to start packing for every possibility.
  13. Finally have the boat the way I tried to order it (had to accept what was available as I didn't want part of the summer without a boat). Added VHF radio, autopilot, radar, outriggers, windshield wiper, etc. I took this at a bad angle and the cockpit section is larger than it appears in this picture.
  14. FullThrottle


    I only went out this morning early (4:30 am) to run the boat in the dark once before taking my bride out next weekend for a sunrise cruise. I did bring some rods, but I was only expecting small blues (did catch) or Spanish mackerel (nada). However, I saw a bunch of cobia sight fishing and decided to troll in that direction. In seconds my small rod and reel were singing, line just spinning out. I could see the cobia trying to throw the hook about 100 yards behind the boat. I applied some drag and POP, it was gone. Not sure what size, but it seemed to be fairly large. Wish I'd brought some larger equipment, but it was fun all the same. Within an hour everyone had left. It was over. For those in my area, it was a couple of miles offshore between Cape Henry and the Green Can. Since I didn't get the Cobia, no pictures, and of course it would have to be returned to the sea anyway since Cobia season isn't open here until June. However, while looking for Cobia I did get a good pic of the rays they hang with.
  15. I've got a PLB and a Garmin inReach. The inReach lets me get help for non-life threatening via Satellite texting (up to 10 minute delay due to satellite position) and the PLB for something much more urgent. When I had an EPIRB I tested it fairly regularly and replaced batteries when needed. My PLB still has a few years before replacement and I don't test it as often as I did the EPIRB, but I do test it a few times a season. I have the PLB hung on my inflatable. The inReach and a portable VHF are in my grab bag. My goal is to have lots of safety items and be happy they are never used.
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