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  1. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi Sam, welcome aboard!
  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend and agree with others that you deserve some quiet time with a fish on the line. Thanks for all you do keeping the site going and holler sometime if you're passing through Winston-Salem.
  4. Hanging with the girls again on my favorite boat.
  5. Nice pic's Dan, thanks for sharing. Not a bad escape judging from what you've shared, I may have to put it on the list.
  6. Glad you are recovering Dan and good to see you back on your boat, even if you weren't supposed to be. Doing something you love to do can't be all that bad for you can it? Hang in there and keep on keeping on, you'll be back to your old self in no time...maybe even better.
  7. Hate to see a good thread go to waste, so here's my RT joke. A gentleman was applying for a job with the railway and during the interview was surprised with some situational awareness questions. The last question threw him for a loop and the conversation went as follows: The interviewer - Two trains are headed towards each other on the same track, one going east at a speed of 90 mph, another coming west at a speed of 100 mph, what would you do? The candidate promptly replied, I'd scream RT as loud as I could. The interviewer was perplexed and thought that perhaps the candidate had misunderstood, he began to repeat the scenario, two trains are headed straight towards each other...at this point the candidate cut him off and said, I understand, I understand, two trains headed straight towards each other one doing 90 and the other 100, I'D HOLLER RT!! The interviewer completely puzzled decided to press for details, why exactly would you holler RT???? The candidate: Cause my friend RT aint never seen a wreck as bad as this one's gonna be
  8. She looks great, you've done an awesome job keeping her seaworthy! These are truly amazing boats and you don't see too many other brands with examples that are this vintage and still ready to go fishing. Keeping them out of the weather when possible goes a long way. My 78 R-180's been in the basement for a couple of months waiting out the cold weather with just a trip or two outside to run on the muffs. They're calling for 60's here Sunday, she just might get to go to the lake!
  9. Got my shirts too, very nice indeed! Thanks Dan. Dogdad is right, these shirts will change your life. I had a long line of twenty something year old blondes and redheads formed at my door this morning wanting to practice procreation maneuvers and every one of them was carrying a cooler full of beer, a five gallon can of fuel and a new Van Staal rod and reel.
  10. Oak Hollow is a quiet lake now with a few fisherman, a few paddlers, a few sailors. Rowing teams are the only competitions being held now, not quite the horsepower of the drags, but fun to watch. Fireworks on the 4th and the "Uncle Sam Jam" party are the lakes biggest events.
  11. Schematics are in the owners manual, which are available in PDF form on the website, so technically, yes. I have the most trouble finding stuff that's right in front of me. Yeah, looks like several fuel ports...you could probably put fishing rods in them too if needed
  12. Per the attached systems layout schematic, they would both go on the under the starboard aft seat. There's selector switches and other items to account for also when adding the second battery.
  13. Awesome stories so far guys, keep them coming. My observations thus far (like anybody cares): Full Throttle - the long story of why there are no pictures has potential and I might like to hear it someday. You're correct, Twelve year olds are fearless. There's a picture of me somewhere in the top of a pine tree. I had butt-skooted as far down the sheer rock face of Stone Mountain. NC as far as I could go and rather than take the five mile hike back the way I came, I chose to jump down off the mountainside into the top of the tallest pine and shimmy down. Seemed like the logical choice back then. 2-n-Tow - Awesome pic of the racing boat. Count me completely out of the 80 mph involuntary bailout. I don't think anyone has had a real boat until they've had a Robalo have they? I used to watch the boat drags every year at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point, NC. It was insane to watch those things come unglued and cartwheel across the water disintegrating as they went. Reel Plumber - I'm starting to hate you a little. Your first boat was bad a$$ and your last one's not to shabby either. Did you actually keep up with the two percent savings and accumulate, or just guesstimate at the end and pay yourself? I somehow envision you burying mason jars full of cash in the backyard (which probably looks just like Jed Clampett's house from Beverly Hillbilly fame). I plumbed a little and pipe fit in my younger days, should've stayed in it by the looks of things. Scott - No rope, Come on Man! The old farts at my marina would've had a field day laughing watching you swim out to get that thing. They get a little lippy if you have to pull up and correct more than once when you're backing down the ramp. Dogdad - Vicarious strolls down memory lane are the best! My stories get a little better every time I tell them. As the great poet Clint Eastwood once said, I'm a legend in my own mind. It sounds like your starter dropping mechanic skills rival mine..my neighbors wife caught me tuning up my weedeater last summer by repeatedly smashing it into the biggest oak tree in the yard. Once all the blister skin was gone between my fingers from cranking that heifer, all there was left to do was kill it. The neighbor lady had some mighty big eyes when I looked up from my tantrum. I asked her if I needed to work on hers....she declined. That 1,500 rpm docking manuever is tricky, the switch to reverse has to be timed very precisely
  14. She looks great. Haven't had a cushion made yet, but need to. My original is a little weather cracked. We have an add on our local craigslist regarding marine upholstering, I plan to give them a call.
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