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  1. On mine they re-did the transom and floor at some point and removed the foam from the gas tank back to the transom. I was going to remove the live well on the floor but im thinking of replacing the existing seacock with a longer one and pluming in a wash down pump so i can clean the blood when im out on the water and wont have time to dry by the time i get home from the 1 1/2 drive from fort pierce. Dont want to drill more holes...
  2. He supposedly has a guy in Tampa that gives him wholesale price on materials because he does a lot of race cars, that's why he was able to do it for that price. When i redo the entire floor that channel will be removed and maybe put a fish box on both sides. I may start messing around with fiberglass to get some experience with it and maybe i will redo the floor myself. We got most of the boat back together just need to bleed the steering, install new VHF and windshield but this damn rain is not helping. LOL... Sorry the leaning post is so white.... My dad dad was the one who actua
  3. What are the chances... lol... Did you put it on the boat yet? Did it worked out for you? Yeah i dont know shit about fiberglass but you may be right. He said he laid 3 mats down but i didn't believe anything he said at that point, i did the best i could to walk away before i punched him. Nothing bothers me, im a really chill person but when someone takes advantage of a family member that really makes my blood boil. The floor was not original and the previous owner did a shitty job also, so its not like he was working on a even surface. But we told him what we wanted and he said it wou
  4. Sweet.. im in Orlando also, if you do it before me and need help PM me, i dont mind helping at all. Yeah man... we are also going to wait for winter before we do it, working on this heat is ridiculous and hopefully these damn bugs are gone by then... Will definitely post pictures.
  5. I tried that before when we did a repair on the front and that paint stained super easy. What about Kiwigrip? Seen the application and it looks to be perfect for my situation. I think It will require little prep to most of the floor where i want non-skid. Sand and paint were i want smooth surface then apply kiwi grip to the rest of the floor. 1 gallon will be more than enough.
  6. Well my dad and i talked about it and i think we are going to try to sand down a bit and put a good top coat on it. Suggestions ideas?
  7. He replaced a portion of the floor in the front of the console and in the back in front of the storage/livewell that's on the floor. He glassed on TOP but i am not sure about the bottom (i hope he did). The floor on the boat was previously redone by the previous owner and the only original floor was the lid on the starboard side for the cables. The back feels stiff but there is some flex on the front (not much or like if the floor was soft). When i saw it it needed some reinforcement under that area, they had previously just put some 2x4 under the floor and on the very corner it was mi
  8. So my dad got some money from work and decided to redo the floor. My brother in law knew this guy that did fiberglass work so my dad called him to look at the boat. We then found out the guy does race car body using molds that he has but he told us he has done plenty of boats before and that it would look nice and even. I didn't wanted to do it but it was my dads money so it was his call. He quoted my dad $2500, then once he started to rip the floor out he called my dad and told him it would only take 1 and not 2 sheets of plywood and the price dropped then to $2000. I dont know anything a
  9. Sorry here are the pictures. I tried to get one in an angle so you could see how uneven it is but it was bright when i went earlier and now i went back and forgot.
  10. We had a few soft spots and on the boat and my dad hired someone to repair the soft spots. They guy talked a good game and convinced my dad. We got the boat back Saturday and the floor is uneven/unfinished. It looks like he laid down the glass and did not sand it or barely sanded it down. He put down what looks like 1 coat of gelcoat but the floor looks to me horrible. Is it possible to sand down the floor and put down some type of filler then sand it down as even as possible? We really dont know anyone else in Orlando that can redo the floor for a reasonable price and we don't hav
  11. How large is the flange? Says its good for holes up to 3" and the hole on the transom is 3-3/8".
  12. Dont mean to hijack the thread but it looks like on my boat when they replaced the transom they did not go with the original design. Instead they installed Centek scupper Drain Fitting ยท Exhaust Flange (MASSIVE) They are broken and a LOT of water comes through them. Now i have 2 3-3/8" holes on the back. Can i eliminate the scuppers or should i plug the holes and drill new ones and install standard size scuppers?
  13. I will go tomorrow and take some pics.
  14. I have a 1979 Robalo 23 and when we purchase the boat it had a 360 GPH bilge pump with automatic switch and a 800 GPH manual bilge pump. The 360 GPH died and a friend gave me a brand new 1100 GPH automatic (can also be wired manual) bilge pump that im yet to install. I figured this might be a good time to redo the entire bilge pump setup for the upcoming summer. The 800 pump works fine so far but i can tell its not that new. Here are my options: A) Get a larger manual pump and add the switch to the 800 pump. Leave 800 as a spare on boat and add 2 (or 3) new pumps. 1 auto
  15. In the short time i have been a member the amount of knowledge and willingness to help has been amazing. Thank You to those responsible.
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