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  1. Name: Ted Location: South Louisiana Year: 1993 Model: 2520 Power: Twin 2000 250HP Yamaha’s EFI Salt Water Series
  2. Took the boat out last Friday to test run it had to remove the jack plates because the motors were to high and I couldn't lower the motors with the jack plates because the steering ram was going to hit the transom when I trim up. So I removed the jack plates reset the motors and went test run it again last Sunday ran a lot better top out at 53 mph but was only turning 5100 rpms so now I am going to get the props rework to get it to turn up to about 6000 rpms
  3. Well I went a head and put twin 250's on it going to finish it up this week and test it out.
  4. Does anyone have a 2520 with twin 250's 2 strokes on the back of there boat? looking for some Info to repower my boat. Thanks, Ted
  5. Thanks Dan, We put 3 baffles in it. As for the drains in it It's got me Baffle on then I can blow air through it but it won't let water out of it I think they got a check valve in it some where I been suppose to stick the bore scope up the tube in the back in the bilge area but never had time to do it yet. As for using the 5200 to seal everything I found it's no hard to unseal things using it when I have a hatch or something I want to take apart I use a sharp skinny filet knife and run it along the edge of the hatch cover cutting the 5200 or what ever I need to remove I learned that fr
  6. Was gettin the boat ready for the Tarpon Rodeo down in Grand Isle La. A couple of days before I was going to leave I went fill the boat up and got back home to finish loading it up. When I went into the center console to check for life jackets I smelled gas fumes so I open the inspection and wow the fume where real bad so I got a bore scope and look in the coffin area and seen that there was gas around the tank. So my buddy and I started pumping out the gas into some 55 gal drums and looking how to remove the tank. we unbolted the console from the floor and tilted to the side to remove the cof
  7. I am going to take the pickup tubes out and check them that's about the only thing I haven't done yet. I ordered a 1'X2' hatch last night to replace the 6" round access hole to have more room to get to all the connections and to check if there is any water in the coffin. Thanks, Steve for the post. Ted G
  8. Does anyone know if there is a screen on the end of the pickup tube in the fuel tank on a 1993 2520? One of my motors started shutting down after awhile and when I look at the back of the boat the primer blub for that motor is suck in and after a few seconds it would pop back out and the motor would start fine. So I change the some fuel line, primer blub, fuel filter and replaced the vent on side the boat. Took is out Sunday for a ride and it did the same thing so I bypass the fuel filter and the primer bulb started the motor went about a half mile and it did it again then I hook the filter an
  9. The termites got in-between the top cap and the hull and ate all the wood in it the motor was about to fall off. Went to see about getting it fix and the fiberglass shop said it would cost about $4000 to fix. So I started looking on the net for a boat that's when I found the 1993 2520 Robalo in a boat yard in New Orleans that was parting it out they had sold the motors and trailer. Wound up getting the boat with all the electronics, gauges and motor controls for $5000
  10. I found this forum while doing some research on a 1993 2520 CC it was very helpful on me making my decision to by the boat and man I am glad I did this boat is awesome and built like a tank way better then the pursuit I had that got infested with termite's. I had been out in it just about every weekend fishing in the gulf sense got it thanks.
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