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  1. Hello El Salvador Just some inspiration for your restoration prpoject. this is the same hull, a 2520 from 1981, on the french Mediterranean. Let me know how your project goes.... Good luck Mark
  2. Hello Texan I have the same hull, a 2520 from 1981 / but it´s a single 225 Honda on the back. Bought it in NJ a few years ago. It took me a while to get a replacement for the Standard Horizon fuel gauge, only just found it this year and it´s not installed yet. All I have is numbers on the overall average - so the refills, versus the engine hours. This gives me an average of 23 liters per hour - thats just over 6 gallons, at around 3500 revs - or just on plane - mostly. These revs give 40 kilometers per hour - thats 25 mph So overall average is around 4,2 mi
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