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  1. Should be as easy as turning on the Wash Down switch and pulling the trigger on the hose..If no water comes out it could be the petcock isn't open, so there's no way for it draw water in...
  2. Two Questions: 1. I need to replace the small bungee cords on my rod holders attached to the gunnels..The old cords have dry rotted.. I've attached a picture of one them removed.. I assume I just need to purchase some new bungee cord and cut to the length I need, crimp them and then reinstall the rod holder..Does this sound correct or is there a better way.. 2. One of the screws on a hinge is just spinning. The hinge is screwed into the gunnel but it appears that one hole is stripped.. Do I just remove the screw and put some 4200/5200 in the hole and then screw it back in? Appreci
  3. Gary

    Live Well

    You probably need to open the seacock to allow it to draw water in from under the hull..Check the manual to find where to access the seacock..
  4. The Fusion is a Marine Stereo which completely replaced the old JBL stereo that was located in the "head"..I removed the JBL and installed the Fusion Head into my dash..I left the JBL remote that was installed in my dash since I didn't want a hole in the dash..
  5. I installed a Fusion Head in my when my JBL remote died..Love it and the Bluetooth makes listening to my music or Pandora very easy..
  6. John, Thanks for including your coordinates, I just googled them and man you are pretty remote..Looks like a great area for boating fishing, please show some pictures of your boat and area..Nice to see a truly Global use for this great site..Thanks to all those involved (2-N-Tow, Reel Plummer, Mr Robalo) for keeping this site running and a great source of info for all us Robalo Lovers...Hopefully all us members remember to make small (or large) donation every year to help offset the cost of keeping the site running (hosting ect,.)..
  7. I have mine shrink wrapped each year, although I wish I would have invested in a canvas full cover when I first purchased the boat in 2006 since what I'm paying to have it shrink wrapped each year is probably getting close to price of the canvas cover..
  8. I like the original look with pulpit and rails..No rails would give me the willies on a rough day..
  9. Was out at our local sand bar this weekend cleaning the water line around the boat and started looking closely at my Prop. Not sure how much wear and tear a prop should have, but this is the original prop from 2005..I've heard some props can be re-conditioned, just not sure when or if it is recommended..I haven't noticed any decrease in performance of the boat, and not sure if a re-conditioned prop would improve performance much.. Thoughts, suggestions? P.S. Also noticed how my Zinc is way of center..I never paid attention if it has always been this way..Its tight so I don't think its mov
  10. Update, plugged in the charger over night and the next morning both batteries were working fine..Switched to #2 and went for a 3 hour boat ride (was fishing but didn't catch anything ).. Not sure what could have caused the #2 battery to stop working on Saturday and work fine on Monday except a possible connection issue..Thanks for the suggestion on getting the battery checked, just one question.. How do I know which one is is Battery #1 and Battery #2? Thanks Gary
  11. My # 2 Battery stopped working suddenly on Saturday, worked fine Friday after a full charge Thursday (green light on charger). I normally switch between #1 and #2 every weekend. Switched to # 1 and everything works, #2 nothing works. Switched between #1 and #2 multiple times to see if flaky switch, but nothing works when on or near #2.. Checked fuses in Red Holders in Picture, all good.. Used boat all weekend on #1 Battery and everything worked fine.. Any suggestions? #2 Battery not too old (less than 2 yrs) Thanks Gary
  12. Was on a buddies boat this weekend (2016 Chaparral 250 SunCoast with 300HP Yami) and he asked me to drive it since he was having problems handling it in our lagoons..As soon as I started I noticed how sensitive the throttle was compared to my throttle (manual/cables)..The Electronic/Digital throttles are very smooth to accelerate and slow down, but extremely touchy (in my opinion) for docking and maneuvering in tight spots.. Just curious if anyone has Electronic/Digital Throttle Controls or have ever used them, and to get your feed back.. I told my buddy that I think it just going to take some
  13. Once you install a ladder/platform you can use this : http://www.amazon.com/Paws-Aboard-Doggy-Boat-Ladder/dp/B000F2HE9S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462390179&sr=8-1&keywords=paws+aboard I have one for my 70lbs yellow lab and it works very well, and fold up so it doesn't take up too much space when not in use..
  14. I take my Robalo Cuzzie everywhere, attached is a Photo from Cancun in March..
  15. Are you fishing near China? Not sure how you keep all your gear in the boat this way Couldn't resist...Enjoy and get the deck bloody..
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