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  1. I just ran across this thread. I love the ideas, gonna incorporate some into my R200 CC. Thanks! And they give me productive something to do instead of just wishing I had something to do.
  2. Thanks for the idea, Dan. Checked the W/F filter not long ago and it looked good... but doesn't always mean something is. Just to keep busy, I may change it again and then go from there.
  3. Tried to take the boat out last summer after sitting for almost a year, but the VST filter on my '14 F150 Yamaha was leaking gas out the cowl. Shop fixed it, and I put boat away til recently. Same thing when I tried again last month, and another bunch of money out of pocket. I'm feeling well enough to tackle the job if (ok... when. I'm an optimist) it happens again, but what is it exactly, and any thoughts why would it fail twice (or even the first time)? Looking online, some folks say it's easy to replace while others make it seem a huge task. Is it?
  4. Thanks for the 'welcome-back'. Sorry to read about your issues, too. Always seems like one thing after another. Dad made it to 2 months shy of 100 and Mom died at 96. Wife says that since I have those long-life genes, I better start taking better care of myself.
  5. Coincidentally enough, I just ran across the posts by 'Remington' about his speakers while replacing mine. I wanted to share my experience but didn't want to hijack his thread. My '14 R200 had 4 Panasonic speakers and the cones were sun-rotted and mostly gone, which evidently were a sourced-OEM 7" version because I couldn't find the exact same. All 6 1/2" I found were obviously too small, and the 7's I could find were too pricey for me and didn't look like a perfect fit with the grilles anyways. After much frustration and measuring, I realized that if I cut out the baskets of my old ones, some new 6 1/2" Sony's (from West Marine, but I threw away the box already. Whoops) would just fit if I screwed them to the old frames and then screwed the old frames into the original holes in the boat. Grilles fit back on perfect and they look just like new. I can't speak too much about the sound quality/difference vs $$$ as I have pretty bad hearing, but I was happy with the way they ended up and wife gave the OK too. Been away for awhile because of back issues, but hope hang-out here more.
  6. dogdad

    Am I a wimp?

    Whenever I buy replacement reel-parts, I always tack on a few extra dogs and springs to the order. Amazing how fast and far they fly, even when you're watching where they land. Vacuum cleaner sometimes finds them months later, far from where I thought they were. Good scuba story, Dan. I don't think I can ever completely get it outta my blood. My situation is similar. Still hanging on to the 'little' tanks and gear. May get courageous and see how it goes.
  7. Realizing this is an old thread, I'd like to add a comment about the potential weight change going from 2 to 4. Previous 17' boat had an 85hp 2-stroke, ran awful and I never could get it dialed-in. Finally took a buddy's advice and jumped on a sweet deal for a new 90hp Merc 4-stroke. Now had a boat that ran great, but always pointed at the sky. Nothing could get that bow down with the extra 200+ pounds in the stern. Always wet feet too because scuppers were level with water, even when no one was in boat. Long story short - traded it for a ... wait for it... wait... YES!... A Robalo... and love it! So I guess there is a happy ending after all. (tho I kinda do miss the old distinctive 2-stroke exhaust smell)
  8. dogdad

    Am I a wimp?

    If Alan and his minions can't help you with that reel, it can't be fixed. But they will do it. They've helped me many-a-time with my Penns, as have the folks at Scotts Bait & Tackle for parts. Nice reel, BTW. I hear ya on the strength issues. A year may seem like long enough, but if you listen to your body, it can tell you more than your brain/ego sometimes. 2 years after back & neck surgery, I'm finally selling off all of my cave-diving stuff... several double 120's, 2 rebreathers, multiple reg setups, etc. Hurts like the dickens, but I realized if I can't even lug them out to the boat now, how am I gonna do them and me justice in the water. Good call on waiting! There's always that next time.
  9. Heh-heh-heh, that's funny Dan. Been a bunch of downturns over the past year or so, but hoping to stay on top now. And hang out here more often!!
  10. I found that it doesn't have to be new-boat-construction debris that gets into the bilge and chokes-out the pump/switch. Dock-Neighbor had a rat problem so he used rat poison to kill it (them?). At least one crawled down into some inaccessible places in my bilge and deteriorated - year and a half later and I'm still finding bits of hair and other 'unknown body parts' floating around in the bilge. First few times shall be left to ones imagination. Lesson I learned is to NEVER assume a bilge has anything but water in it - check the switch and pump-screen often.
  11. Many years ago (and this is not a fishing story, because it woulda otherwise started with.. "Hey, this ain't no bull-sh!t"), I was working with a defense company testing some C-130-airborne 'very' high-power RF transmitter concepts for offshore use. We'd fly down to the Gulf and do our work til pilots told us it was bingo-fuel and we needed to head back to either Dallas or Pensacola. Couple times we weren't finished, so we'd keep going til the last minute. That all stopped when we got complaints that we were opening garage-doors, interfering with tv reception, etc. it was during the CB-radio craze too, completely blew those trucker's minds when we could blanket the entire spectrum. Sorry, off-topic. Reliving my glory-day(s).
  12. Don't recall anything prohibiting specifically where to mount the pump/etc, other than convenience. If one opts to mount lines any distance away from the helm tho, I'd sure suggest using something more substantial than the clear plastic lines provided - for safety sake. Yes, an AP is an outstanding piece of gear.... 'most' of the time. But then, like anything/anyone helping to drive your precious boat, you gotta keep an eye out as to what it can do at the worst times. Guess the warnings in the manuals about always paying attention and not going below to get another beer is valid. Took some friends out last week to do some fishing & sightseeing in/around Marathon. Kinda rough for them offshore, so we turned around and rubber-necked mansions up some canals and then went to Sisters Creek and thru Boot Key Harbor. AP did a wonderful job thru the twists and turns, with only quick stabs of the controller as we needed to change course a few times. However, just as we almost got to Burdines Marina & Restaurant, it took a dump and did a hard-to-starboard all by itself. Clicked STBY and then out of gear, and then took over and motored up to the dock like I meant to go there all along - with everyone none-the-wiser. As usual, awesome food and terrific scenery. But why it did that is a mystery... til I remembered all the towers (I think they're the Radio Marti propaganda ones?) on Boot Key. Could the EMI interference have led me astray?
  13. I had EXACTLY the same symptoms, and surgery, almost 20 years ago. No piece of cake back then, what with the issues and then the loooooong recovery period, but wouldn't trade it for anything. Now I'm better than I can ever remember. As one that's been there, I'm right there and pulling for you, Dan! Best wishes, my friend. You'll do fine. Years later, i still can't catch fish worth a darn, but that's a different story.
  14. Had an older 18' boat with an 85hp Suzuki 2-stroke that benefited greatly from a whale tail. It didn't have trim-tabs either and would take forever getting out of the hole, but 'popped' right up with the tail. Seemed a bit more stable on plane too, and was easier to trim out using the engine trim. I understand YMMV however. Friend had a tail too, and he said his made no difference. But for the relatively-inexpensive price (compared to most boat accessories ), I'd say go for the tail and see if it helps.
  15. Nice! I like the caps over the holder-holes, too.
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