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  1. I have a 1994 - 2120 and need to repower this boat. Originally I think the boat came with a Merc 225 (weight app. 450 Lbs.) When I bought the boat it had an Evinrude 225 (weight app. 510 Lbs.) I moved the Dual Battery setup up under the center counsel to lighten the stern a bit thinking I would add a kicker. The stern did set a bit low but not below the water line, no real problems with back wash or overflow at the stern but not much room to spare either. This past weekend I locked up the Evinrude. This creates a whole new plan! I am looking into Suzuki 200 or 225 4-stroke. The 200HP weight is 580 Lbs and the 225HP is 591 Lbs. Just wondering if anyone has made a similar change or has any information to share on adding the extra weight and if this will have a negative effect or cause any danger. I have talked to Robalo/US Marine but they really did not have much to say, maybe the wrong person? Anyway any information, stories and/or opinions would be welcome and appreciated.
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