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  1. Well, having a son as a boat buddy and standby autopilot is as as good as it gets. Looking forward to when mine can come along for offshore trips. That's what it's all about..
  2. Dan, Just curious, Do you by chance have an auto pilot on your boat? Wondering if it's worth the money? I'm looking into the garmin compact reactor which is only $1000.
  3. Yeah, those words came to mind when I had to pick up the crank to change the crank seals. Wasnt sure I did it right until i cranked it up. Still haven't run it under load yet.. prayers.. Haaa.. the wife asked, so what are you getting me with the $2k savings. I said..how bout a mercury eco gauge and some carbon fiber reeds.
  4. We caught 4 pretty nice tuna. I think they were all around 80 lbs give or take. That's a dynamically positioned floating offshore drill ship (no anchor)...about 120 miles offshore.. a tuna haven. Chartered a 32 ft catamaran. Slept like a baby on the beanbags on the way out. Was impressed with the guide team they worked hard for 10 or so hours trying to get us on fish..
  5. Fyi, I replaced my plb battery myself on my acr plb-375. (I have never activated my plb, you have to send it in if you have). Batteries were 40 bux on ebay and plug and play. This is the battery for my plb, you need to look up yours: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333317352866 Literally 2 screws (be careful there are small waterproof washers on the screws that need to be reinstalled). The battery has a small plug. Pull apart the old plug. Install new plug by plugging it in to the circuit board plug. Line up gaskets and screw it back together. Some may not agree with my decision to diy the battery replacement, but I have the garmin inreach satellite messenger and dsc vhf now, so this is strictly back up.
  6. Resealed and back in business. Changed out all of the oil injection hoses and crank seals while I was in this deep. Pretty easy job, just tedious. Followed the factory service manual to the letter.. It turns out one of the female outer flange bolt threads in the block was stripped (at the leak location) and proper preload could not be developed. Installed a helicoil and was able to torque to spec. Saved about $2000 in labor doing it myself and now I have the benefit of a more thorough understanding of all of the systems on this DFI motor.
  7. Dan..wheres the pics? We made a tuna trip charter in the gulf in October for a bachelor party. Doing an overnight trip in April. Got on some Nice yellowfin.. And yeah recover time from the boat ride and beer ain't what it used to be..
  8. I just purchased the Garmin Inreach SE+ on Amazon for $220 (factory refurbished) which I thought was a great price. It looked brand new and activated without any issues. Sent a test text to my wife. It uses bluetooth to connect to your phone to enter texts so it's the same as sending a text on your smart phone, but you can write texts from the unit if your phone is lost or damaged. Everything is working. I signed up for the basic plan which is $15 per month with a yearly fee of $25. I can freeze my account in the off season months to reduce costs. As Fullthrottle mentioned, with this plan you get unlimited "preset" texting with predefined messages and recipients (each text gives the sender your position and a link to a map showing your position). All other texts are $0.50 each with 10 free per month. For example, the 3 preset text messages might look like: 1. heading in 2. everything is ok 3. trouble come get me. You also have an SOS button which contacts an emergency call center which will coordinate your rescue. Better than a PLB in a lot of ways, since you know help is coming in an actual emergency or prevent a rescue from happening if for example; your on a 8 hour limp on the kicker but everyone is safe. In that situation there would be no way to contact the wives and they would be unnecesarily worried (unless you had the Garmin Inreach to communicate). I still have the PLB for last resort, but this is a cool gadget..
  9. Concerning the MOB device, if the batteries die or you lose the wireless puck, are you dead on the water? Or can you over ride it mechanically? Thanks, Steve
  10. I have a 15 hp 4 stroke on my 2320, I get about 6 mph max. I regularly run 50 miles offshore. Fortunately, I've only had to limp in from 12 miles (I lost my starboard temp sensor which put me in limp mode and I wasnt sure at the time if I was actually overhearing or not so i liked in oyt of abundance of caution). It was a long ride in but we got back to the dock. Steve
  11. My wood was rotten as well. I ended up going back with a white synthetic lumber used for out door decks from lowes and bought new vinyl and reused the old foam. I stapled vinyl it to the synthetic lumber with stainless staples and used stainless "t-nuts" with spikes to keep them from spinning on the inside of the fiberglass plate. Regular stainless hex bolts were used to fasten to the rails which screw into the t-nuts. The wife and I stapled the vinyl and it came out pretty good. Here are some pics:
  12. Dan, it really is annoying we can only get 2 snapper. Even a 3 snapper limit would make trips more worthwhile. We try to counter this by fishing for mangrove snapper which are just as good to eat but more challenging to catch. After this trip, I noticed an oil leak which I identified as a lower crank seal. So, after pulling my powerhead to change the seal I went for a test run and found this leak at the crank case: https://youtu.be/2O-tgb6IDaQ I'm going to try to see if the bolts on top and bottom of the leak are below torque spec to stop the leak. Otherwise, I'll be pulling the powerhead and resealing the crankcase. A lot of work..
  13. I've have this plb: ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ 406 Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon My Batteries expire next year. There are sites that offer battery replacement, I've been looking at. Also, thinking about upgrading to a sattelite texting unit with real time communication. These require service, but offer tracking and communication.
  14. We got our money's worth on the last weekend of snapper season. 50 miles offshore GOM:
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