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  1. Dan, it really is annoying we can only get 2 snapper. Even a 3 snapper limit would make trips more worthwhile. We try to counter this by fishing for mangrove snapper which are just as good to eat but more challenging to catch. After this trip, I noticed an oil leak which I identified as a lower crank seal. So, after pulling my powerhead to change the seal I went for a test run and found this leak at the crank case: https://youtu.be/2O-tgb6IDaQ I'm going to try to see if the bolts on top and bottom of the leak are below torque spec to stop the leak. Otherwise, I'll be pulling the powerhead and resealing the crankcase. A lot of work..
  2. I've have this plb: ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ 406 Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon My Batteries expire next year. There are sites that offer battery replacement, I've been looking at. Also, thinking about upgrading to a sattelite texting unit with real time communication. These require service, but offer tracking and communication.
  3. We got our money's worth on the last weekend of snapper season. 50 miles offshore GOM:
  4. Wow, idyllic scenery out there.. Love it when its glass offshore, even if the fish aren't biting it's great to be out there. That structure looks like our numerous oil and gas production platforms here in Louisiana. Thanks for the pics, Steve
  5. Dan, its plastic.. I called nissan/tohatsu. They want $600 for a new cowl and wont be available until October. I may be rollin this one for a while.. lmao
  6. After getting home from a snapper trip, I noticed my 2006 Nissan 15 HP kicker motor cowl was gone. Oh well, I thought, I'll find a used one on ebay or locally. After looking for one the night after..no dice. The next day, it was wearing on me, so the wife and I decided to go looking and found it about 15 miles from home, but It wasnt pretty.. Since, I wasnt able to source one, I started piecing it back together with ductape and a heat gun. After I formed it back to the general shape, I used west system gflex epoxy and biaxial fiberglass cloth strips to keep it in position.see pics.. It ain't pretty but, its strong and it will buy me some time until I find a used one. I also bought a cover to hide the ugliness while trailering and while not in use offshore...lmao.. enjoy
  7. greauxpete

    More Snapper

    These were some nice ones:
  8. Pretty damn good shape especially considering the age.. nice find
  9. Hahaa.. i believe only 1 tarpon was caught in the whole rodeo. We had a rare cool front pass through and it threw the bite off..
  10. Here was our catch from the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo: Ps: I met a fellow board member there and talked to him. Private message me if you see this post. Cobia: Mangrove Snapper, red snapper, vermillion snapper:
  11. Out of Cocodrie, we run about 30 miles offshore (12 miles from Cocodrie to barrier islands, then another 18 miles offshore from the islands). We caught the snapper in about 70 ft of water. Dropping frozen pogie on offshore platforms.. one of those trout was about 4 lbs..good trout action that morning.
  12. Had a good trip for memorial day in Cocodrie. Hit the trout for the morning bite then ran offshore for red snapper... and one mangrove..
  13. Here are some more kicker pics. I added a ez steer steering system.
  14. I blew mine out with a pressure washer.. They drain now but, slow. Probably fish scales, dirt, wasp nests, bugs and other trash in there.
  15. Care to share what happened offshore? It could be a good learning experience for everyone on the board who goes offshore.
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