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  1. Out of Cocodrie, we run about 30 miles offshore (12 miles from Cocodrie to barrier islands, then another 18 miles offshore from the islands). We caught the snapper in about 70 ft of water. Dropping frozen pogie on offshore platforms.. one of those trout was about 4 lbs..good trout action that morning.
  2. Had a good trip for memorial day in Cocodrie. Hit the trout for the morning bite then ran offshore for red snapper... and one mangrove..
  3. Here are some more kicker pics. I added a ez steer steering system.
  4. I blew mine out with a pressure washer.. They drain now but, slow. Probably fish scales, dirt, wasp nests, bugs and other trash in there.
  5. Care to share what happened offshore? It could be a good learning experience for everyone on the board who goes offshore.
  6. TPS...Well that's not too bad. Definitely could have been worse.
  7. Dan, The biggest was about 20". We have a 25 trout/person limit here with a 12" minimum length. I think we had about 90 trout on that trip between the 4 of us. It was a fun trip. We fried some of em up for the game.. at least the food was good, because the game didn't end well.
  8. Caught these the weekend of LSU vs Bama football game.
  9. What's the word on the motor? Sounds like a fuel restriction. Run on external tank with good fuel to rule out boat side fuel delivery issues? Hope it's minor.. Steve
  10. Dan, I appreciate what you do for us here and after having surgery no less. Thank God your surgery went well. Take it easy man, Steve
  11. I used L2x2x1/4" aluminum angle (running up and down) to stiffen the back side of the transom. Those lower holes were nearly impossible to reach. My buddies 15 year old son was the only one who could reach the nuts with a wrench and his skinny arms.
  12. Fullthrottle, ask anytime, I'll do my best to help.
  13. Finally installed the kicker. Used a panther 55-0416 4 stroke bracket with 16" of stroke. It is very easy to deploy and lift on the water. I have a 15 HP Nissan - 4 stroke (with 5" shaft extension kit from Bay Manufacturing)and it pushes the boat at about 5 knots. Also installed a new motor (2002 Mercury Optimax - 225 HP) after blowing my rebuilt carb'd 1995 Mercury 225 - that's another thread tho - trying to get the mechanic to honor his warranty.. Ordered several kicker brackets before settling on the Panther (including an second hand OMC bracket), glad I waited to drill holes. I trailer the motor on the bracket but I ratchet strap the motor up to the boat using the tow hook to get the weight off the bracket. Doesn't seem to be an issue. 5 mph isn't fast but it will get me home eventually. Steve
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