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  1. First Timer

    1971 R200 possible restoration

    Are you wanting to get rid of the trailer?
  2. First Timer

    Irma and our members down south.

    I'm so glad you guys haven't changed a bit... love it. Be careful what you wish for.. Remember these boats are fine works of art, and takes time to refine their unique character. And mine turned 41 this year, so I think it may be ready to re-emerge . Soon. .. ummmm
  3. First Timer

    Irma and our members down south.

    Hey all... yep its been too long. Looking forward to getting back to posting and maybe even work on my boat... hahaha Been a florida resident almost 2 years and still not finished with my project. ... Yep Irma went right up through avon park area, tore up a bunch of stuff. My first hurricane so it was quite an ordeal. Great thing was we installed a generac whole house generator three months ago... needless to say we were most popular for 4 days and some change. More later...
  4. First Timer

    Neck surgery this week!

    It's been a long while since I've been on forums. Makes me so happy you guys haven't lost your humor. Blessings and quick recovery for you Dan. More later... hahaha
  5. First Timer

    Hull and Cap Restoration

    Knee is doing better than it was. It was a major cleaning. 1 big tear, 2 smaller ones, and a 1" chunk that was shredding up the other gooder parts. Yep we sold house and will probably spend a couple months or so back up here. We put our 32' camper on a site, and that will be "vacation home" June, July August ????????? The boat ......... :| Its going back together, most all new wiring is hooked up, console needs finished screwing down ( put in 4 each side for the trip ). new hydralic steering needs finished, trim tabs need finished, renew the teak; or make all new trim.... finish the paint inside hull, t-top needs installed, and all the "want to do" changes that I have seen others do.... Ran the motor last year on hose; this year we just oiled and spun it around some. That was before we knew we were moving. So now the plan is to figure out how to work on it in FLORIDA: because I dont have a garage or room to work on it at our new house. I'll probably tow it back and forth from the house to the vehicle storage lot a block away or just pack the golf cart with tools and have at it... Thats the "new adventure" we have to figure out. The least is to splash it in freshwater so I know it floats.... :yahoo_rotfl: Then, cause its a high end coverted bass boat trailer; I'll have new tires with fancy rims when it rusts away.............. as I have been told So I have a few things still to do. I could always make my way over to the east coast and off load it at a certain county dock...... then kinda float it around an island or so.... and maybe find its "sister boat" and they could moor happily ever after.... :shiftyninja:
  6. First Timer

    Prayers for my buddy Barry

    Thanks to all my LONG TIME friends for the prayers and thoughts.... They worked and were answered. The boat is "back home" as Mr. R put it... And now Avon Park will be "OUR" new home! New adventures and new situations! And the saga continues. Just think.... I'll be able to wear my shorts ............ ALL THE TIME !! :yahoo_rotfl:
  7. First Timer

    Hull and Cap Restoration

    and its been great but here she is... And my brother is helping me again..... That was a couple weeks ago, and in that time from Ohio 1 tire blew out in Kentucky (had spare); 1 more in Georgia no spare and out in middle of nowhere) and after some very moments... He dropped the trailer and found a Pepboys and mounted 2 new tires and then 2 more new ones when he got back to the store because they were missing some important parts also... So she finally made it back home to Florida and her restoration will begin again... After we arrive in December!!! Then Mr. R will be in driving distance and I can hunt him down and then......................................... :gun:
  8. First Timer

    Hull and Cap Restoration

    Well the time has come and its retirement time in the north. After allllll the years.... having sold our house..... my on going restoration is "going home". Leaving its heated abode....
  9. First Timer

    Self Bailing Deck

    I wonder if I trailer it to you on my beautiful dual axle, 4 wheel disc and custom chrome wheeled Eagle trailer... and in those few months... most of it disappeared by some act of nature... then... I wonder if insurance would consider a replacement... Just wondering
  10. First Timer

    Self Bailing Deck

    Id make it if'n Dan was able to help finish up mine in its 8th year of waiting... :whistle: Maybe next year when im finally re-tired?? got a real trailer and drive it south... :icecream:
  11. First Timer


  12. First Timer


    I guess he could always fly the old ones off one of the out-riggers..... :whistle:
  13. First Timer

    Mrrobalo's Dottie Q Makeover

    I'm still here.... and yep 4 months and 20 days my time has come to join the "retired folks" club. I'll need to finish my "project"... maybe.... then try and trade my eagle steel trailer for one just like "Bob's"... trailer it down to our "new to us house" in Avon Park FL.... sell ours here in OH and figure it all out later... So............ since my brother got married 1 year ago.... :angry: he kinda lost interest i guess... More soon.... whenever I get to it... I guess I could always invite you over for a limited "inland vacation"... Mr. R cant seem to get over his "phobia" of venturing above his mason/dixon line of I-10.... even when the plane flies over it
  14. And to think I bought a Robalo because of the original site... Met up with Mr. R himself... started my rehab of my '76 200... went fishing with Lee & Mr. R out to the"stream" and caught some feesh... Hassled Dan for MANY years still waiting for him to finish his DVD series on grinding & glassin... Got way to many ideas to "redo" mine.... Keep up the great work guys and I too am proud to be a part of this forum and many thanks for keeping it safe and running. Hope I dont run out of time before the site admin. staff retires... :yahoo_rotfl:
  15. First Timer

    Mrrobalo's Dottie Q Makeover

    I'm still lurking about............ trying to get my round lazy butt out to the garage ........ warm it up from 45* to at least 60*........ then finding a place to put all my junk piled up on everything else cause it seems i dont put stuff back where they used to be.... cause i sure whine and moan when I cant find anything..... then cop an attitude about all that stuff....... wish I were someplace else..... say heck with it.... turn back the heater to 45 ..... go back inside and watch the fishing shows and feel bad cause I never get anything done....... WOW.... ITS SUPPOSED TO WARM UP 30* TOMMORROW...... I need a vacation .................. I think Im packin' my shorts and head down south Yep ..... Here I go ...... :ph34r: lookin' for you know who !!!!