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  1. mrrobalo

    1971 R200 possible restoration

    When you address the transom you need to restore it to a 25” transom and it will be a heck of a lot dryer .
  2. mrrobalo

    I can't catch a break - follow up to lost post

    I know what you mean invincible. I thought the same way until I blew my back out when I was 41 (1996) and well after now having 6 major operation , and Tylenol poisoning resulting in cirrhosis of the liver I try not to let it get me down. Everyone tells me to slow down , don’t do that ,I’ll get that for you. I appreciate them for helping me. “ and will ask when I need it.” I’m not about to give up I will keep doing what I can. After restoring the 1976 and having the hurricanes last year ( had 2 hip surgery’s last year) she sat in the canal for almost a year ( my dock gone / boatlift is inoperative was so I still need to finish the bottom of barnical removal. It’s on its trailer now and going to a friends shop where I can finish her up. Then clean up the rest of the boat and put it up for sale. The motor doesn’t work and needs service to find out what’s wrong. The monies from this one go towards the Dottie Q for power. Best part I have a photo album of all the restoration done on her. Keep us posted on the storm and hopping the best for you and your family.
  3. mrrobalo

    I can't catch a break - follow up to lost post

    WoW all that you have been through and now a hurricane is bearing down on you. Hope the boys can help board up the beach house as you don’t need to be on a ladder with mobility problems . Will send prayers to you and your family. I still haven’t gotten the 1976 R190 cleaned ( barnicals from sitting in the water due to hurricanes wiping out my lift) up since last years hurricane . Shocking but having a complete hip replacement surgery in July 2017 and after living through Constant oozing Requiring 3 dressings a day. They figured I had a staff infection and in February 14 ,2018 it had to be done again. It’s not nearly as bad as what they put you through a ( I know the leaking spinal fluid after I had my first back surgery ) Please Keep us informed on how your doing ! :
  4. mrrobalo

    Irma and our members down south.

    Yep I know about taking to long to restore the Dottie Q and my 1978 . The 78 needs a mechanic that was familiar to the first fitch motors . Now the bottom will have to be scraped as the dock old part to PoPs lift took a hit but the water is so high he doesn't want to turn the electric on as it is under water and rising over the seawall . The water is a chalky brown and foaming from all the canal water run off with pestasides and automotive fluids going down through the storm drains .its SICKENING . I hope to get down there soon as I get released from P T. Heck need to get with Barry too. Haven't been able to get together since he is now a native.
  5. mrrobalo

    1975 R-236 Windshield Tint

    Your windshield was made by a company called WATERBONET . They supplied most of the boat company's back then and Are no longer in business. You can try Taylor Made marine supplier. Give them a try and if not we will have to look elsewhere. Keep us posted.
  6. mrrobalo

    Irma and our members down south.

    We are back at home and we came home with the generator . I have a small window shaker in our patio so we tarped off most and put fan into house so it is heavenly too be cool and the generator is running the refrigerator,AC. Fans and charging station. I am like wiped out over all this and Medes say stay out of sun and keep cool, no wonder It's taking ime so long to heal. But not complaining! Anthony went to the hospital last night he had to go 3 days without dialysis and the one they sent him too was only able to do a half of a session and his body is not happy but at least we don't have to worry about him. Our comershal buildings took a hard hit scraping off a new roof back 15" and a piece of plywood T boned a 1 yr old 5 ton Ac and wiped out all there awnings. That was the major problems. Wishing and praying for all of you
  7. mrrobalo

    Irma and our members down south.

    Well the lord sure looked over us and a lot of others. My brother and nephews went and boarded PoPs up on Thursday and headed to Orlando to ride out the storm however one of the 3 guys that own the lot behind PoPs ( that said he can park his boats there anytime ) and untied my ROBALO and left it floating in the canal along with another boat . Another neighbor seen it and re secured them an we will be having a talk to him about that bullshit . So this morning PoPs got a call that nothing major happened to his house and that the ROBALO And the Twin Vee were fine in the canal . They lifted curfew at 11:00 am that we could go back and check for the damage to our house ( we live in a 55& over community )and Anthony's in laws called us before we left that there 12 X 20 screened patio and 1/2 there 2 carport We're not where they were the day before. As we went by there house on the way to ours it was unreal there was there paddle fan and was about 30 feet up in the trees. As we continued to drive there were some houses all tore up and as we turned onto our street the houses on the Left. All had major damage to screen rooms and car ports then as we pulled up to ours it was like someone was tricking us as we had no damage hardly at all. One of the old timers told me this happens all the time to there side of the road go figure. The bad news is no power there or water. Hopefully they will get us up and running soon. Hope everyone else was as lucky as we were.
  8. mrrobalo

    Irma and our members down south.

    I hate to say some of our prayers working as Irma's heading a lil more west and that's good in our case as PoPs won't be hit as hard as if it didn't go up the east coast. As far as that goes prayers will be for the people on FL west coast. As far as our house goes we have mostly everything done ( we live in a 55 & over community in a modular home ) Luckily we had one of Anthony friends come over the last 2 days and helped board up his house ( that's where we are going) and That was the best thing as between Anthony having Dialisis and me with the new hip it wouldn't have been possible. So if you have your house secured go help a neighbor. Good luck to everyone in her path.
  9. mrrobalo

    Irma and our members down south.

    Yes Irma has all of us battening down all the hatches as much as possible . PoPs had my brother the grandkids come down Tuesday and boarded up the house ,tied down as much as possible and put the ROBALO and Twin Vee in the canal. And now it is in gods hands now as all that can be done on the island. This is the first time in the 35 years I didn't prep for the storm . Just starting to use my cane as this hip replacement is deffently longer recovery than the other. CHERYL and I have been doing small things all week long trying to get everything done. I spent yesterday helping my son board up the house and his friend Andy was there to help him thank goodness. Andy moved all the plywood and I cut it Anthony helped him hold it while he screwed them in. We will be there for the storm (only little more than a mile from our 55 +Manufactured home community) will beheading over to there this morning to fire up my generator to make sure all is well with it. Cheryl and I should have everything done we can by early Saturday ( have close to 100 orchids to be moved inside the house and all their racking, sunsale , patio furniture and all that will have to come down this afternoon. Talked to Barry the other night he just came in from Ohio to get there place taken care of. Hope Lee gets his boat taken care of and battened down. Will report in after the storm passes.
  10. mrrobalo

    Need Prop Suggestions - R200 CC with Etec 200hp

    Back in the day we put a double cup on the props to give it a lil more hole shot yet be able to run a higher pitch for more top end. I have no clue if they still do it but that's my $.02 worth.
  11. mrrobalo

    1975 R200 Dry Weight Info Needed

    Larry I can tell you we posted the dry weight as around 2100 but the was the deck and hull weight. Add hatches ,center console and every other thing. The boats were almost twice the weight as much as others off the same size. So figure around 2500 plus motor and add the fuel and about 150 lbs for coast guard equipment ,battery and miscellaneous items. That's my $.02
  12. mrrobalo

    Robalo 1980 amf 20"

    Pulling is not going to be the problem. The hard thing is STOPPING as the boat n trailer weighs more than the tow vehical. I had a Astro that I pulled her and it was a new aluminum float on and if there was any water on the road it was bear to control it. Last time I pulled her with it I got pushed down a bridge and luckily no one was in the intersection as I flew right through it with no control. So if it was I I would get get disc brakes on both axels to help you. If you plan a lot of trips you might want to get a bigger vehicle in the near future. Just my $,02 worth.
  13. mrrobalo

    A few upgrades

    Super improvements ! It sure feels good when you finish a job and it comes out so nice. Looks like " Murphy " missed the boat.
  14. mrrobalo

    Snapper Trip July 21, 2017

    Now you got my mouth watering. Great Job.
  15. mrrobalo

    Be away for a lil while.

    Just Transfered to rehab facility still foggy as took a lot of Meds but I will bounce back thanks guy,