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  1. Name: Sammy Joe Location: Oviedo & Grant Farm Island Florida Year: DOTTIE Q Original 1969 R190 (in Restoration) Sea Q 1976 R190 Model: Power: (Year Manufacturer horsepower) Picture of hull id number: Picture of boat capacity plate: Pictures of boat: Pictures to come soon
  2. GRAMMAR ? SPELLING ? PUNCTUATION ? Since the World Wide Web started I have been helping people with the information they want to know about there ROBALO BOATS. When I answer there questions I’m typing what goes through my mind about the answer. I really don’t think about proper grammar or spelling ( thank goodness for spell check ) as I’m thinking about the questions of some of our boats being over 50 years ago and my mind is the only MANUAL I can use. I’ve had people tell me my sentences run together and is hard to follow when reading. The part that burns my butt is it’s usually some
  3. Maybe we should start a thread in the “ Show off your boat. “
  4. Just read this post and got me thinking ??? Let’s see we usually only manufactured and shipped on average between 5-10 boats a week and I would guess 75-80 % of the boats built from 1969 to 1993 are still in existence and some needing to be restored. I’m in Florida and cruising through FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE alone I have seen so many for sale as project boats ( and its hard not to get another one ) and mainly the reason is people don’t understand these boats are totally foam filled like a whaler (1969-1993 are totally foam filled ) they get the boat remove the gas tank hatch and they got
  5. Check out SeaDeck it is a foam flooring that is great on the bare feet as well as it is nonskid. You can make a templet out of plastic painting cover material or tape brown grocery shopping bags together . If your handy you can find some knockoffs on websites ( WISH is one ) and using a razor cut one to fit yourself. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. Another trick is put the Marine Tex in the hole smooth it over with a putty knife. It will leave some residue but wipe with acetone around it.let it cure for a while. Leave a dab of the leftover on the putty knife and go do other things. Check the dab and as soon s it’s slightly dry to touch take a piece of shipping tape and lightly put over the repair. Next go over the repair using the putty knife like a squeegee. This will push the material into the hole and when dry peel it off. Most times you won’t need to even sand it . Pratice will help for sure but once you get down pat it’s a true tim
  7. Well get a little creative make a cat John boat out of the 17 and put the motor on it. It would be damn stable for sure. Yea I guess we are both gluttons for punishment , I have to fight with the old farts complaining about me working and building stuff in my carport. Like I told them woodworking is my hobby I’m making things for my house . Lol glad your feeling better, you went through the ringer for sure. Happy New Year!
  8. I too have been looking into a tin can. Right before COVID hit I got the great idea to look for a zodiac that we could take with us when we are out with the travel trailer. Found a actual 1985; zodiac with a 1988 Merc 9.9 that a retired yacht delivery Captain had . He took it on deliveries Incase the worst happened and was in a travel bag. The motor had maybe 200 hours on it and that was when they used it when he was on vacation. Handed him $500 and left with it. Had to put a carb kit in it and runs great. The boat I put in a internal sealer and holds air for 2 weeks without loosing hardly an
  9. Thanks for taking a stroll down our cyber docks. There are a quite a few R180 owners on the forum but you can find a lot of info on here to get your boat back in shape.as far as the separating it is usually caused by the boat freezing in the winter and brought on by condensation in the summer months. Transom there are some new pour in ones that are a lot easier than redoing the wood. But look around and ask questions the answers will come.
  10. This should help. Answer questions and http://robaloboatowners.net/specs/Overbuilt Boat/The Overbuilt Boat.doc
  11. WELCOME , I have seen a lot worse for sure. It’s a R2020 so the console shown was a R190 and won’t work without.a lot of work. There is a place in Ft. Pierce called “the MarineConnection” which is like a smorgasbord of marine parts new and old and boat mfg sell him excess stock . http://www.themarineconnection.com/Consoles.html However my disclaimer is I’m not responsible for you buying too much like we all do. Just if buying stuff on a list I look up the items on line find the lowest price and save the site hyperlink and they will usually match it. Go in with a list and plan most importantl
  12. Welcome and thanks for taking.a stroll through our cyber docks, so jut back into.a slip and join in. Don’t let Dan say his doesn’t look s good it a icon on here.
  13. Glad to see you are making good progress on the boat. Some of us take a little longer to get it done. LoL
  14. PoPs and I fished a few tournaments in one and once you get her in h ocean you will feel how solid she is. I took new models out and fished them with all intentions of seeing what I can break. It paid off in the long run a I would bring the boat back on Monday park it just to the door of the rigging dept. After the supervisors morning meeting I would have them meet mE at the boat and let them see just what happens to it when the owner fishes it hard. First time they were so mad at me for just ripping it all apart. However I got my point across that this is where we HAVE TO IMPROVE THESE AREAS
  15. Dan I usually even make a wedge to put on the scuppers making them quicker to close and it helps the water from seeping in slowly when bottom fishing.
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