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  1. This should help. Answer questions and http://robaloboatowners.net/specs/Overbuilt Boat/The Overbuilt Boat.doc
  2. WELCOME , I have seen a lot worse for sure. It’s a R2020 so the console shown was a R190 and won’t work without.a lot of work. There is a place in Ft. Pierce called “the MarineConnection” which is like a smorgasbord of marine parts new and old and boat mfg sell him excess stock . http://www.themarineconnection.com/Consoles.html However my disclaimer is I’m not responsible for you buying too much like we all do. Just if buying stuff on a list I look up the items on line find the lowest price and save the site hyperlink and they will usually match it. Go in with a list and plan most importantl
  3. Welcome and thanks for taking.a stroll through our cyber docks, so jut back into.a slip and join in. Don’t let Dan say his doesn’t look s good it a icon on here.
  4. Glad to see you are making good progress on the boat. Some of us take a little longer to get it done. LoL
  5. PoPs and I fished a few tournaments in one and once you get her in h ocean you will feel how solid she is. I took new models out and fished them with all intentions of seeing what I can break. It paid off in the long run a I would bring the boat back on Monday park it just to the door of the rigging dept. After the supervisors morning meeting I would have them meet mE at the boat and let them see just what happens to it when the owner fishes it hard. First time they were so mad at me for just ripping it all apart. However I got my point across that this is where we HAVE TO IMPROVE THESE AREAS
  6. Dan I usually even make a wedge to put on the scuppers making them quicker to close and it helps the water from seeping in slowly when bottom fishing.
  7. We never published a max weight for the transom Per say. The 200 hp figure is made by a measurement calculation under NMMA and U.S. Coastguard standard . ( another story on the formula And calculations ) We used the weight of the largest outboard at the time on our static water testing . However the boat is set up for twin outboards and at the time your boat was made twin 70 hp OMC motors were the best to use as the area they had to be mounted would allow room to work on the motors. ( years down the road Twin YAMAHA 90hp would work The best) a single 200 hp OMC was app. 380 lbs and a set
  8. I hope your meeting went well. Not wanting to sound like a know-it-all but from hands on and broken parts over the years I can’t stress enough the need to be anchored onto the floor with backing plates or heavy duty marine toggle type bolts . If the TOP is going to the gunnel cap we ran a support under the cap and to the floor and if it was getting a tower or hardtop on the initial build sheet we Automatically glassed alum. Backing plates to be drill and tapped it in them. Surprisingly more damage came from going down the highway at 75 mph ( yes some do ) on a long trip. cant wait to s
  9. Sorry I didn’t see this one before now again. I problem have as many questions as you ? Lol. Let’s start at the front .on most of the older ones there is a little known secret that there is a trough that goes from the center front console at a angle to inside the casting platform on port side. This was to allow you to run wires to the gunnel and around the boat under the cap. This is also where there could be water held in that area and not know it. Second the front of the gas tank ( 60gal.) is under the console and the fill went strait down through the top of the console. There’s a S/S plate
  10. Also find out if the motor is a 25” or 20” .the alum cover plate doesn’t look like any of ours as ours had countersunk holes and used Flat head screws. There was a fiberglass putty we used when marring the liner to the hull and over the years it could crack. HOWEVER LIKE DAN SAID CHECK THE ENTIRE TRANSOM ! You can also use a rubber mallet ( covered with a sock so won’t leave marks) to bang on the transom and any hollow types sound is heard chances are You will need a new transom, if doing a full transom You ideally should get a 25” motor and go without the cutdown one. These are great b
  11. Welcome. To the forum. Looking at the pictures the closed transom on your boat it didn’t leave our factory with one. The boats we closed the transom on had Armstrong brackets that were across the whole transom and provides a larger tub for floatation ( as Dan Said) as well as a swim platform. Listen to Dan he is our fiberglass guru and knows this boat for sure.
  12. Boy it’s a shame Barry doesn’t have any clamps😍to work with ! At least Barry and I think the same sometimes, 🤔I got the same hatch cover on my little project👍👍. I know I’ve learned a lot sense we STARTED this website ( and before) With everyone putting in there 2 cents from the novice to the Masters helps us all to make these classic Boats into WORKS OF ART.
  13. Welcome love the Classic look . If your boat has a 6” inspection plate and garbor drain you r boat has a bilge. If not you can add a RULE transom mounted live well pump. You would pick up the water off the transom and it will pump fresh water into a ON- deck Live well ( a 15-20 gallon drum ) with a 2” overflow hose. So hit me up if you need more info on a DIY setup.
  14. Look up my garbor drain instal and it will answer a lot of question. Also you can read through my restoration of the “My 76” it will give you a idea of what thing look like under the hatches. If you need more info let me know I have a bunch of the ORIGINAL restoration of my 1976 R190 “ Knowing Nick will be coming a little later I start of by plugging the oil lines and add plug-ins to the 2 wires that I can instal when the rigging starts. I removed all the screws from the teak trim ,console screws and T-Top putting each group in there own pill container and labeled like all the
  15. Your just blinging her out. 13 years ago did you think you would be a master restoration tec. Proud of you my friend.
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