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  1. Not too familiar with the south shore, but this summer want to come down to watch the "Battle on the bay" Boat races in pathogue from my Robalo. Know where to find the Best ramp to use? thanks MDDCman
  2. I am buying a used 2000 Robalo 2020 without any electronics and no transducer. Should I buy one of those all in one GPS sonar units or install a fixed depth finder for ease of use and a separate GPS? These boats are filled with foam right, how will I snake the new transdurer from the stern to the center console? Thanks for your thoughts MDDCman
  3. Good to hear about the trailer. The owner said I could keep it at his yard for a month after purchase, then he would charge $10 a day. SO I plan to get it at the end of feb. Might should do some winterizing as soon as I pull into my driveway in NY even though most of winter is over. Oh well.
  4. Thanks the trailer is a continental aluminum. Will do MDDCman
  5. No I won it on ebay (risky I know) am buying it from a guy named Logan curry who sells boats on ebay : 2000 Robalo model 2020, with 150 merc, hull number WJOA53VBl900. Picture is attached. MDDCmanROBALO.pdf
  6. Thanks for the offer, but pass
  7. North,Stony Brook, but plan to trailer to south bay, etc
  8. Never had them, although the seller says it has the square flanges on the axels for installation
  9. I am buying in Deland (not too far from orlando I think) if all goes well with sea trial next week and will be picking it up at end of Feb to tow back to NY. Looking for one axle, probably hydraulic disc.
  10. Actually flying down to florida from NY to sea trial. Will check the items suggested and buy if all looks good and take home in a month. Right now NY is frozen in. thanks MDDCman
  11. HI all, I am about to purchase a 20' robalo with a tandem trailer, but no brakes. Will be towing it from Florida to NY (where they are required) in a month. I want to have installed before the trip for obvious reasons. Want to keep costs down. Seems like hydraulic disc on single axle may be best low cost way to go. Any suggestions? thanks MDDCman
  12. Hello everyone, Nice to meet you all. I am a newbe in Long Island, am in the process of buying a robalo. I will sea trial later this month. Any suggestions? thanks MDDCman
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