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  1. 519


    This popped up on a Facebook memory. 5 years ago.
  2. Evansville's entire Hydrofest event was abruptly canceled yesterday. 😯
  3. West Virginia and in September it turns out. Another possibility is Valley Fields in Quebec, which fits our schedule better.
  4. There's an all Vintage event coming up on your side of the country in June. Virginia? We are thinking about a long road trip.
  5. Getting ready for this year.
  6. 519


    Firm sweet flesh. Cooking it properly is key. It doesn't do well on the bbq. We bake at high heat for 12-15 minutes in pyrex with butter and garlic. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. 519


    Abbreviated season is for conservation of that fishery. We get 4 days in June. Our summer 4 month salmon season has been reduced to 1 month, July.
  8. 519


    They come up from the bottom like you hooked your anchor but once they see the boat they trash violently, especially one their in the boat. If they get any bigger than this one we tail trail them to bleed out.
  9. 519


    Stomach full of prawns.
  10. 519


    Halibut retails at around $30 lb fresh. $ 900 fish 😀 and so good to eat.
  11. 519


    Halibut is only open Thursdays and Saturdays in the month of May. Brother visiting from Colorado caught a nice 38 lb one. Also 300 spot prawns on a three hour soak.
  12. Third restoration on three different areas.
  13. This is the third time through the Kelson shop since rediscovered with different issues dealt with. First project was sponsons Second was transom after loosing a prop blade shook it apart. Finishing up the deck connection's to the sponsons.
  14. Our hull is there right now, the bow, deck and the sponsons were parting. Original seam from 1962. It was time.
  15. The replica was built in Seattle at Don Kelson's Hydroplane shop. Don & his son's have their own cab over designs & builds. Their specialty is restoration now. Kirk Rodgers lives and has a machine shop in Spokane. His family ties to the boat stretch back to the blue grass sod and seed.
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