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  1. Most of our racing is on lakes created by Dams on the Columbia River. It's refreshing to race on an inland lake instead of having to deal with current, wind, logs, and sandbars.
  2. Looking good! Nice trailer.
  3. Mid 70's with just a slight breeze.
  4. Great weekend! Nothing broken.
  5. 519


    It was only 42 lbs.
  6. 519


    42# Chinook Salmon for Soldiers Craig Alaska
  7. That was at Richland WA. We're at Black lake WA this weekend.
  8. We made it onto NBC sports network last weekend.
  9. 519

    Sad News

    My condolences, I'm glad you were able to spend time with pop's towards the end and reflect all of the great times. Memories
  10. Yes, thanks for all you do!
  11. 519


    This popped up on a Facebook memory. 5 years ago.
  12. Evansville's entire Hydrofest event was abruptly canceled yesterday. 😯
  13. West Virginia and in September it turns out. Another possibility is Valley Fields in Quebec, which fits our schedule better.
  14. There's an all Vintage event coming up on your side of the country in June. Virginia? We are thinking about a long road trip.
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