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    When was 265 max hp increased to 500 and was transom reinforced ?
  2. I have a 265 with over 700 hours on twin 225 Yamahas 1.5 mpg is about the best you can expect except when the water is calm as a pond. Keep in mind that if the weather turns against you and you need to come off plane because the seas are too rough your mph will sink to under 1 mpg. Also I suggest, if you haven't already done so, you remove the cover plate and look for the size of the fuel tank as stated on the tank. The literature stated the 265 had a 180 gallon tank when in fact it turned out to be only 170 Plan for the unexpected!
  3. sledge

    Cabin door

    In moderate chop or more the top of thecabin door can make a lot of noise (rattle) as a result of its loose fit to the slide on the cabin. All screws are tight but there is just excessive play between the two mating parts. Has anyone else had this problem with a 265 and any ideas for a fix? Replacing the slide on the cabin appears to be a major job involving removing the entire helm section. This has nothing to do with how tightly the door closes as that fits snuggly.
  4. The enclosure for my 265 is about seven years old and the plastic has started to cloud up. Since the pattern can be repicated from the present enclosure without taking new measurements thereby making the job a bit simpler, I am curious to learn what others have paid for the job
  5. It took almost five years with the boat in salt water about six months each year, but the tabs seperated from the cylinder at the attachment point due to galvanic corrision. A little investigation revealed the tabs should have been protected with zincs. If you contact the Robalo customer service they will most likely confirm this.
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