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  1. A watch out - my Lenco tabs had sharp edges and slight burrs- found out after my daughter-in-cut her leg pretty good climbing out. Go around all the exposed edges and corners with a file to knock them off - then let the grandkids have at it.
  2. Jared: Congrats - You will like fishing out of it, I fish the Mackinac Straits with my 2006 powered by a Yamaha F250. I do not have a trolling motor on mine - but from my experience my other boat with a trolling motor - I would say given you think their might be an issue - longer is better especially in waves assuming there is a way to deal with the length when stowed. On trolling speed - in no current or wind - my F250 will get down to 2.5mph. I have found that fully lowering the trim tabs can knock off a couple of tenths. I did have an issue with the Yamaha trolling in really cold water (not sure the ocean folks on this forum ever deal with that). For several years when the water temp was below 55 degrees - would troll for 10 minutes (about the time it took to get set up) and then the motor would overheat and alarm go off. Go inside our islands into warmer water and it would troll all day. Go out later in the summer when the water temp is above that - no issue - only in COLD water. Took several seasons of working with my local marina and Yamaha Techs. Yamaha of course advised water pump rebuild kits, etc. Never solved it. As my tech here was installing another rebuild kit on the pump at the suggestion of Yamaha - he noticed that the tube from the water pump didn't have what he felt was a secure fit to the pump housing - was nothing wrong - everything was within spec - just 'wasn't how he would have designed it'. Happily he acted on that hunch - wound up adding an o-ring to tighten up the fit - problem solved. We think that the plastic tube fit was opening up enough to reduce water flow in very cold water. Test runs in the vicinity of the marina were done in warmer water and of course it took a while to figure out the connection of the issue to temperature. No idea if we just have pump housing with a loose tolerance or if this is unique to the F250. Another tip: strongly advise you to not fill up at gas stations on the way to fishing. You do not want ethanol and you do want an additive like Yamaha Ring Free - especially if you plan to idle a lot. Find a marina that services antique wood boats and sells ethanol free gas - they will likely also include an additive like Ring Free. Over the long haul & out in the middle of the water - you will be far happier paying the marina premium for good fuel instead of the crap we are forced to put in our modern cars at the local gas station. Have fun.
  3. I got Lenco trim tabs with the boat from Robalo. Have no experience with anything else. They have worked fine - nice having LED indicators for position. The tabs themselves have sharp edges - can cut someone using the ladder. I took the edges down with a file.
  4. Sirius33 Essential. You are likely getting this boat to haul around family and friends. They will sit where they want and you will have to go where you want. You will use the trim tabs a lot to reduce spray when crossing a bay or stiff wind. Think you will also find a 4 blade prop worth it also.
  5. Regarding corrosion on battery terminals - I have always had good luck in preventing corrosion by thorougly coating the terminal, clamp, thread post and wing nut with vaseline after tightening them.
  6. Now THAT is funny - excellent post.
  7. Something else to consider if the bulb is going soft - fuel bulbs should be oriented so that the arrow pointing towards the engine is also pointing uphill. If someone redid the fuel lines - they may have put the bulb in pointing downhill. Had sporadic start and run issues on a used Hydrapsort I bought - cleaned pick up screens, changed bulbs, changed lines - finally realized that at some point the previous owner moved the bulb to where the line came out of the gunwale probably to keep it out of the motor well - moved it close to the fuel line connector on the engine so it could only hang down making the arrow point uphill and bulb stayed firm and starting/running issues went away - been fine for years.
  8. Captain Bob: My understanding: There was a recall on the black plastic fuel filler fitting on the side of the hull amidships. Not all boats built that year had the defective part as it was corrected mid way thru the model year. The defect could have led to a crack and leak in the fitting where the hoses clamp onto the fitting. I can't recall exactly how - but there was a way to look at the fitting after removing the filler cap and see if the fitting was subject to the recall - think if the part said patent pending it was defective and if it had the patent number on it - it was OK. Art Jeffries at Airtime Watersports told me how to check. I had to replace mine - not the easy thing to get to - but got it done - there was no evidence of a crack in the one I replaced. Have that boat with the Yamaha F250 on it - frmo the factory the motor was mounted too high on the transom and the prop cavitated easily on turns - lowered it two holes and made a world of difference in handling and fuel economy (gained 15%). With the boat out of the water check the height of the cav plate to the bottom of the hull - should be even to 1" above. Also see my post about minor defects that I found on my boat when I took delivery. That all said: 5 seasons of using it - boat is in great shape and we like it a lot - does everything we want very well. Jim K.
  9. Master Chief: Thanks. Still whitefish in Lake Huron although I haven't fished for them. Commerical fisherman still get them. We work on Salmon in the big water and smallies and pike inside the islands. Perch are making a comeback now that the cormorant population has been reduced.
  10. You read my mind on the rod holders - was waiting for a good sale on some CE Smith's! The ski bar is also a nice hand hold for folks boarding the boat at the dock - just the right height.
  11. Pictures of our boat in Cedarville, MI. 2006 R227 wi Yamaha F250. Downriggers are Big Jon Sideriggers - work great for this boat's layout.
  12. Too true - what does that say about all of us given that it doesn't stop any of us from still boating? Maybe my wife has a suggestion or three on that...
  13. All: thanks for the help - problem solved. Was crankcase oil apparently spilled inside cowling from filling this spring.
  14. 2-N-Tow: Great question. Turned out to be some oil that had spilled - apparently from filling crankcase - was not fuel. Problem solved - thanks for making me check it more carefully.
  15. Will look it over more carefully - not just at the fittings - and at night with the flashlight tip per the tips from you guys - thanks to all.
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