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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Not sure yet what I will do with the VRO yet. As for the teak I connected with First Timer, I have since thrown on 3 coats on the back..
  2. Thanks!! I'll reach out to him.
  3. I wish I knew or asked. I ended up using epihanes clear gloss. I have about 8 coats on and sanded in-between coats. Question - is it necessary to varnish the inside of the of the doors?
  4. Thanks Mr.Robalo - I just got done varnishing my teak and will be putting back on the boat this weekend. Looks like I'll pull the VRO system out
  5. Thanks Mr.G - I definitely would like to meet up and get your suggestions on a few projects I'm looking to do.
  6. Mr.G thanks for the reply. I'm down off airport and golden gate parkway.
  7. I have a 1996 envinrude oceanpro 200 powering my 1976 robalo 230. I think the previous owner cut the alarm wire on the VRO system. I haven't had any problems but I'm concerned that I would know until it's to late. Should I get a new warning buzzer or just pull the system out and just add oil direct to the tank?
  8. Nice looking boat Robalo 75.... Keep pictures coming.
  9. I'm looking for a tandem axle trailer for a 23ft boat. Not looking to spend more than $1k Thanks
  10. Lol, ok I have one of those. Thanks for telling me what that is. You know when I first realized I was holding water in the fuel tank coffin I started messing around with the garboard plug and put about 2 1/2 feet of wire snake in the drain. I noticed little pieces of foam started to come out. I know the hull is foamed filled but I assume it shouldnt be in the drain. Is that normal or should I be concerned? What is the point of this drain?
  11. Here are some pics of my boat I just got a few months ago. Just got done bringing the teak back to life. Life is good Im looking for a used trailer if anyone knows someone...
  12. Hey Mr. Robalo - Im going to check out these links as well cause I have no clue what a Garboard is. I like the idea of draining it onto the deck but I'll let you know if I need more explanation. I told Mr.G ill get some pics up by Monday but for now I shared some of the teak a just got done with and a King we caught down in Marco.
  13. Here are a few pics. I just got done redoing the teak. Looks way better now.
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