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  1. I have a 1999 2440 with a single merc 250 efi and looking to repower with twins. I have located a used set of 2012 200hp mercury verados with 200 hrs on them. What size (Shafts) engines do I need to get? 25inch or 30 inch? -Paul
  2. I have a 1999 2440 and want to know what pumps are located under the rear swim platform access panels? there are two pumps on a self elevated off the floor. I know the rear bilge pump in way don on the floor. I am guessing the wash down/live well and the outdoor shower? I can see one pump and its a whale "gulper" 220 pump, the other one is too rusty. Can anyone provide me with manufacturers/model number? Thanks! -Paul
  3. Hopefully this will help others with 1999 2440's whose panel switch letter ahs worn off. Here are the names for the 12 switches on the switch panel.(starting from left to right). Nav./Anch Lt. - Cabin Lt. - Panel Lt. - Deck Lt. - Bilge 1 - Bilge 2 - Shower - Radio - ACC 1 - ACC 2 - ACC 3 - Horn I hope that helps! -Paul
  4. Hello- I have a 1999 2440 with 250 merc efi outboard. Anyone happen to know the correct prop size? its a heavy boat, slow to plane. also, can other 2440 owners share with me what type/size chart plotters they have? I want to mount one up in the electronics box. Thanks! -Paul
  5. I hope eveyone had a good 4th of July Weekend! Any other ideas for correcting this listing to port condition? Any other 2440 owners want to chime in? Thanks. _paul
  6. Just browsing youtube and came across this nice 2440. check out the power package.
  7. Hey Robalonians- I think I posted this last year, but wanted to point it out again to help others when it comes time to replace the canvas. Here is the breakdown for replacing my canvas for my 1999 2440 with Hardtop 100252008 – Connector (goes from windshield to top) - $329.60 100253008 – Side curtains (port and stbd., sold only in pairs) - $314.76 100254008 – Drop curtain (rear) - $391.77 Keep this in mind if you order: Should you decide to order there are a couple of things to mention. All canvas is made to order based on original OEM specs, we keep no stock and is non returnable. For payment we accept Visa or MasterCard, normally the card is charged twice, first for the order amount when it is entered and again when the parts leave our facility for the cost of shipping. If you are uncomfortable emailing card information it can be taken by phone but, orders must be in writing. Replacement canvas is sent without the snaps installed because of preexisting studs in the hull. Contact: Chyerl Foster at Taylor Made, 941-747-1900 Ext.205 or email: cfoster@ameritexfabr​ics.com
  8. Sean- That wasnt me as I dont sell boats. But you have a very nice boat, enjoy it! I just wanted to see if anyone from this forum was heading to the show. Thanks! -Paul
  9. Hello- New England Boat Show is this week in Boston. Robalo will there being represented by Bosuns Marine. Hers the Link: http://www.newenglandboatshow.com/ Anyone planning on going in? -Paul
  10. This board is pretty quiet......no takers?
  11. Hello again! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have done a bunch of research on why my 1999 robalo 2440 w/250 outboard list. to the port once it gets up on a plane. From my research, I have found that people attribute the list to empty freshwater tanks, prop torque or water in hull. Can anyone give me more info on this? Is there someone at Robalo that might have some ideas to correct this? Thank you in advance! -Paul
  12. Kmadden- Hello! Good to see another 2440 owner in Quincy. I lived in Quincy for the past 5 years but I just moved to Norwell. However I am in Quincy daily for work so would love to check out your boat at some point. Where do you keep it? Look foward to seeing it. -Paul
  13. Hello- I need help. I just realized that I poured a whole gallon of mercury DFI optimax oil into my reservoir for my 1999 Mercury 250 EFI engine. It ran fine today but I am getting nervous after reading other posts and mercury website> Should I just pump it out of there and replace with quicksliver? Or do something else? Has anyone else done this? Please advise. -Thanks!
  14. Thanks Mike!! !t was tha 20amp fuse located right near the switch. Replaced it and now they work! Thank you!
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