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    Boats, fishing, doing stuff with my 2 boys and sharing life's adventures with my wife!

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Always been around water my whole life, and not going to change it now! I remember going fishing with my dad when I was a kid, then years later being able to share that same joy with my 2 boys. I also get a great deal of pleasure returning the favor and taking Dad fishing on my boat now...completing the circle!


I don't go on fishing trips but go for a boat ride and new adventure every trip out on the water. For me, fishing is just an excuse to be where it is a whole different world. If we catch something, then good; if not, there are still the memories of the trip. The things I have seen and experienced on the water...that is what it is all about!


So much for the philosophical stuff. I love working on boats, motors, trying new things relating to boats, small construction and renovations, flying radio controlled airplanes and quad-copters, spending time on the beach with my wife (since she does not fish), scuba diving in tropical waters, and trying to be a good father to my two boys (that can be a challenge sometimes!)


Life is short and not worth getting all worked up over things. That is why I treat most things in a light hearted manner try to make it fun. If I had to sum it all up in one phrase, it would be "...reality, what a concept, avoid it at all possible cost and enjoy life!"

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