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  1. Transom came out nice! Did you finish it with gelcoat or paint? And lets see some pictures of the 2018!
  2. Hi Chester and welcome to the forum. I think it was 2001-2002 time frame, just after Chaparral purchased Robalo. If you are a member on TheHullTruth, send a pm to Joebalo...he is one of their reps on that site.
  3. Hi Mikbrew - Start a new thread under Restorations and Custom Projects. Include pictures so we can better understand what is being worked on. Looking forward to seeing your project!
  4. Good choice on the chainsaw. I had not even considered that....bet it made short work on that foam! Have you decided on a poly or aluminum tank?
  5. Hi RobaloDC - Our classified section is not that big and will mainly be 2005 and older boats. The factory Robalo forum may be a better source for the year boat you are looking for. As for how to find that boat, you have already discovered these are not normal times for boat buying. Check with your local Robalo dealer and see what he recommends. They may be networked with other dealers that can notify him when a Robalo comes in for trade-in. Other than that, keep checking sites daily. Wish I had better ideas than that. Let us know how the search goes.
  6. What I have is a longer version of that seat at the transom. I had Birdsall Marine fabricate an aluminum base that has 2 quick disconnect hinges so I can either remove it easily or drop it down flat against the transom. I will pull it out in the next day or so and set up so I can post a picture.
  7. Those pictures are great! Can you post some pictures of the seats you have in mind? Are these going to be permanent or removable? I got some ideas, but need to be sure I understand what you are looking for.
  8. I would think the cable should be able to rotate so the bar connected between it and the tiller arm where the bar connects to the motor would not be in a bind. I can check on this a little later this afternoon and get back to you. If that steering cable / bar has been fine up until recently and was previously centered in that cutout, the only thing I can think of is the motor has shifted back some. Look at the engine bracket that bolts to the transom and see if it there is a gap between the bracket and transom. If so, check the the upper and lower bolts that hold the motor to the transom and see if they are loose. Once tight, that should pull the motor up so the steering assembly is more centered in the cut-out.
  9. Have any adjustments been made at the helm or changes to the steering tube mounted to the motor? Seems odd this has worked fine until now if nothing is different.
  10. Robalo2120 - Going from the 17 to 19 inch prop is going to cut your max rpms by 400. That 250 should be able to spin the 19 at around 5800-6000 rpms, though. I can turn my 225 right at 6,000 with a Michigan 19" 3 blade. Check your motor height to be sure it is not too low. Cavitation plate should be 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the bottom of the boat and on plane the top of the plate should be exposed like this....
  11. Due to the bracket throwing the balance off a little, mine tends to run a little bow high. On slick calm water, it is perfect for hitting close to 50 mph, but I only do that at the end of the day for a minute or two just to "blow out the cobwebs"! Trim tabs are a great addition. In 1-2 ft swells/chop, I drop the bow down just enough so the vee is cutting through the waves instead of hitting the bottom mid-ship. This makes the ride much more bearable and smooth. I have ran in 3-4 ft swells with greater than 10 second period using the same trim settings. Get caught in nasty weather, though, put the bow down and make enough headway so it is manageable. Most of the time, just on plane. Be prepared to work the throttle a lot to deal with the waves. On a following sea condition, stay in front of the swell. If the swell catches up to you, handling goes away and you are at the mercy of the wave. By the way, these boats prefer a little chop. Slick conditions and the boat tends to "stick" to the water so you have to run a little more throttle. Chop breaks the surface tension and the boat just seems to handle better to driver input. Kind of hard to describe, but you will figure it out after a few times. Another thing, make darn sure the motor is mounted at the correct height. Cavitation plate should be 1 to 1 1/2" above the bottom of the boat. When on plane, the top of the cavitation plate will be above the water. Here is a picture of mine: Too deep in the water, performance will suffer and it just does not handle all that great due to lower unit being too deep in the water. Once the height is correct, then play with props so you can hit the recommended max rpm for the motor.
  12. Hi Mike and welcome to the forum! Please post some pictures of your boat! Is the kicker pulling fuel from your main tank or off a portable one?
  13. Hi Surv and welcome to the forum! I have a 1988 2160 and love the boat. I think the bottoms are the same deadrise. The 2140 is more geared toward fishing as it does have a small walkway along the sides whereas the 2160 you have to step onto the gunwhale then the cap. Both are going to tow about the same but these are heavy boats, so don't expect to get great gas mileage! The ride in both will be similar. Trim tabs are a big help to assist in keeping the bow down to cut through swells instead of bouncing off the tops....this will make the ride much more comfortable. As for power, I previously had a 150 on my boat...it got the job done but was not all that enjoyable. Re-powered with a 225 and it was night/day difference! Based on that, 225 is the minimum I would run on these hulls. Hope this helps. Let us know if you need more info!
  14. As weird as this market is now, list at highest NADA value. Spend a couple hours giving it a good cleaning, then list it yourself first on Craigslist, Facebook MarketPlace, and THT. I decided to sell my Kubota 3200 tractor 2 months ago. Cleaned it up, added up what I had paid for tractor, trailer, and all implements 4 years ago and listed it with lots of pictures at 10:00 Monday night. Tractor was sold for asking price the next day by 8:00 am. The used boat market is still strong...just make yours stand out from the rest when you list it.
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