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  1. 2-N-TOW

    First Time Owner: Hull Anxiety

    Glad to help! Keep us updated on the work you do to the boat (and pictures are appreciated).
  2. 2-N-TOW

    First Time Owner: Hull Anxiety

    Hi Craig and welcome to the site! A boat that old will have some age related issues. Lets start with the important one, though, the transom. Tilt the engine up as high as possible with the power trim. Now, pull down on the lower unit (with the prop off) as hard as you can. Do you see any flexing in the transom when doing this? Ideally, no flex is the goal, but just a little can be allowed if it means trying to get another season or two of boating out if it. Also, any stress cracks in the motor well, indicating flexing? How about brown stains around any transom penetrations (engine mounting bolts, transom eye bolts, etc). This would indicate a saturated wood core. Mold on the tank...don't get too concerned about that. Any water that gets down to the coffin box and cannot drain out will make a humid environment that will cause the mold growth. If it is a real concern, take the coffin lid off so you can get that trapped water out from around the tank. Be ready to find damp foam, though, as those tanks are foamed in place and water can gradually migrate around the outside edges of "closed cell foam" as those cells near the surface do break down and allow some water intrusion. For the big question, definitely do the garboard drain and rod out a tunnel down the center of the hull to allow the water to seep out. The inspection hatches need to be outside of the two stringers that make up the sides of the bilge. Once you cut the access holes, dig out the foam directly below the access all the way down to the inside of the hull and back over to the stringers to see if water is trapped. If present, get a hand pump and remove it. It will take numerous times pumping it out as water slowly seeps back to the opening you have dug in the foam. Be sure to raise the bow high enough so gravity works in your favor. The last resort would be removing the deck, but that is going to be a major undertaking. No need to discuss what is involved in that unless you decide to go that route. Let us know if you have additional questions.
  3. 2-N-TOW

    drainage tubes

    Don't know if they hold water but I think the tubing is something like Pex.
  4. 2-N-TOW

    Inexpensive hull cleaner

    If you ever get brown water stains on your hull, there is no need to use the Star Brite hull cleaner (32 oz) that runs north of $20. Go to Home Depot and get a gallon of the Behr All-In-One Wood Cleaner for $10. Same active ingredient as marine cleaners (Oxacilic Acid). Dump in a spray bottle, spray on stain and let set for a few minutes, then hose off. Good idea to hose off trailer where it gets on the metal.
  5. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    You got me on this one! I did not realize they made an R210. Sounds like Robalo got the Slickcraft mold and sold it under their name once AMF bought out Slickcraft. The 2165 was the I/O version and I had thought up until now it was the smallest hull they did the outdrive version. Cockpit layout is different...almost like a center console. Cap is very similar to the 2160. I like the in-floor storage boxes! I suspect this boat evolved into the 2160/2165 models since the overall length is 1 inch shorter. Thanks for posting the brochure...learned something new today!
  6. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    Try R2165. I/O version of my boat.(2160). Makes some sense now as to why the boat looked familiar.
  7. 2-N-TOW

    trouble logging on from iphone

    Anyone having issues logging into the site where it says "Banned - You do not have permission to view this site", please either post here or send me the ip address of the device / computer you are having the problem with. It appears that some of the banned ip filters we have incorporated over the years may be causing the problem.
  8. 2-N-TOW

    R200 Baitwell drain mod

    Never done it before, but your reasoning makes sense as long as you still retain the bottom drain. Just put a plug in it during baitwell use, then pull the drain to empty it. Be sure the upper drain has some type of screen on it to keep bait or trash from clogging the line.
  9. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    Interesting. R236 is definitely a Robalo. Makes me wonder if original molds retained the prefix designation of the original hull designer (company) even after the assets were purchased by another company and retained until the mold was replaced. If so, it makes it kind of a challenge to track what company owned what hulls with all the acquisitions that occurred in the boating industry over the past 50 years.
  10. Not really chasing a problem.  Wiring was modified,  I plan to change it to as close as I can to the original configuration.  Need to replace fuse holders and wiring under the console. I will be able to straighten it out. 

  11. 2-N-TOW


    Unfortunately we do not have any wiring diagrams and I doubt Robalo has them. What kind of electrical problem are you chasing?
  12. 2-N-TOW


    Hello and welcome to the site! 1988...good year since that is the same as my 2160. Lots of good information on the site. Don't be shy if you have any questions!
  13. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    Slickcraft as FullThrottle pointed out. This later became part of AMF Robalo. Interesting history of the Slikker family and their role in the boating industry. After they sold their original business to AMF (1969), they formed S2, which started Tiara Yachts, Slikcraft (1976), and Pursuit (1979). Robalo became part of AMF in 1971. Leon Slikkers was at AMF during this time. As a result, Robalos of the '70s are very similar to the Slikcraft and early Pursuits from the late '70s. Based on this, you are the proud owner of a Slikcraft...pretty much the first cousin of the Robalo. Leon Slikker had a 5 year non-compete clause with AMF that he could not build any power boats for 5 years after selling his company. He stayed with AMF as president of the Slick Craft division for a few years, then left in 1974 to form the S2 Corporation and build sailboats to finish out the 5 year non-compete clause. After that passed, he then formed Slikcraft, of which you are the proud owner of one of their hulls. Slikcraft had a reputation for quality design and construction, so you have a nice boat!
  14. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    Not sure if the engine has a pump. I have been around so few inboard/outboards to know much about them, just what others have told me. One thing to check is the exhaust manifold. If raw water cooled, over time they will corrode on the inside. This will restrict water flow and could be the reason you are seeing elevated temperatures at higher rpms. Removing the manifold for inspection does not appear to be too difficult. Lots of information if you google marine exhaust manifold repair.
  15. 2-N-TOW

    24 ft robalo

    Can you provide the hull id number on the transom? That will help in determining the year. If the water pump has a rubber impeller, it can rotate in either direction. Is this a raw water cooled engine or does it have a heat exchanger?