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  1. Lee - I could have made you a heck of a deal on a Kubota L3200. Since we sold the 6 acre waterfront lot this past winter, it has turned into a garage queen. I still find little chores to do with it, but it is not racking up the hours like it did a year ago! I also see you have the same problem with your tractor that I had with mine. Nancy jumped in the seat one day and realized how easy it was to operate with hydrostatic drive and after that she loved helping clearing the lot. It was funny if one of the boys was on the tractor when she got out there, she would give them the stink eye until they gave up the seat! Honestly, I had a blast clearing the property and using equipment to just burn off stress from the day-to-day job...kinda miss it. So you also are the proud owner of another cat ??? You plan on making the pond big enough for a small boat? Then Barry can bring his over for a test ride. His boat should lay down some fast lap times with the new motor. I see what you mean about the drive to the coast from Sebring. Beats the heck out of fighting that traffic around Orlando and no tolls! Barry - Please be sure you finally run this one. Didn't you buy another motor for that boat a long time ago and never got around to mounting it? Seems like your son ended up with it, I think. At least this one is ready to go...just be sure to fill up the tank! I have got to get back down that way and visit you, Lee, and Sammy. Need to just catch up on talking about nothing. Later...
  2. Only other place I can think of is the inspection port over top of the fuel sender. Make sure the mounting ring has a good sealant under the flange and also check to see if the o ring is still either in the mounting flange or the lid.
  3. 2-N-TOW


    Figured instead of starting a new thread for cobia, would just continue this one. Weather has not been cooperating the past 2 weeks. Wind and clouds finally started breaking up Saturday afternoon, so I told my son Tyler we may head out Sunday morning. Woke up to no wind and clouds. For whatever reason, though, could not get away from the house until 10. Headed over to Poqouson and launched out of Wallace's marina with chum and half dozen live eels. Intel at the dock was that Bluefish Rock had been productive for chumming, so we headed over there on beautiful water conditions. Tyler drove while I prepped rigs, and one time I glimpsed 38 mph to give you an idea of the water conditions. Found a slight change in the bottom about a 1/4 mile off Bluefish Rock where the water went from 18 to 21 ft. Dropped anchor, set the chum bag on the bottom and sent two live eels on #6 circle hooks down just behind the chum bag. Used a Carolina rig with a sliding 1 oz weight so the eel could swim once on the bottom once fed some slack. Water temp was 79.8 degrees. Saw lots of skates and female blue crabs. If the number of crabs are any indication of the future population, it should be a very good few years! Started checking lines every minutes and it was a good thing. First check and one eel had wrapped himself up so bad in the leader I had to cut the line to untangle his slimy butt! Re-tied the hook to the line and back overboard he went. I hate eels, but for live bait they do produce. We soaked eels for 1 hour and never had a sniff from anything; sharks, bluefish or anything else that swims. Nobody else in the general area was doing anything, so pulled in everything and headed over to York Spit and found a spot where the bottom goes from 30 to 22 ft. Lots of boats and traffic in the area as this was the first nice weekend in a few weeks, and the results showed. Soaked eels for almost 2 hours and had absolutely no action at all! Time to head back to the ramp. Talked to a few boats once on the trailer. Only one boat found any fish on our side of the bay and it was under legal length. Another boat ran to the Eastern Shore and said it was like a parking lot. Once he got away from all the other boaters, they were spotting for cobia and found 4, 2 which were keepers. He also hit some structure and pulled in some big spade fish! Oh well...it was nice to get on the water; just wish I could get my fishing mojo back.
  4. 1990 R2365 R2565 IO Spec Sheet.pdf
  5. 1986 thru 1993 R1800 R2120 R2020 Spec Sheet.pdf
  6. 1986 thru 1993 R2163 Spec Sheet.pdf
  7. 1986 thru 1993 R2320 R2520 Spec Sheet.pdf
  8. 1986 thru 1993 R2660 Spec Sheet.pdf
  9. 1986 thru 1993 R2680 Spec Sheet.pdf
  10. 1985 R1800 Spec Sheet.pdf
  11. 1985 R2020 Spec Sheet.pdf
  12. 1985 R2120 Spec Sheet.pdf
  13. 1985 R2660 Spec Sheet.pdf
  14. 1985 R2680 Spec Sheet.pdf
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