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  1. I have a little experience playing with props and set-ups. Got some questions to get started. What model and year engines? What is your wide open rpm and gps speed? What kind of load (people, fuel, ice - just approx weight) when you see the performance numbers?
  2. Hi Sharky and welcome to the site. We are all trying to find ways to kill time and stay safe while this virus disrupts everything. Nice looking boat...what all have you done to it? Like the tower. Is the boat going to be ready for the cobia run in 4-6 weeks, if we can get to the water? Where are you in North Carolina?
  3. Hi Remington and welcome to the forum. Based on what I can find from multiple Robalo parts guides, it appears they use the same speakers across a lot of the models and a wide range of years: Based on this, 6 1/2". If you can pop the grill off of one, you should be able to confirm the diameter of the hole.
  4. I cannot find anything like what is on the top now, but what about something like this? https://www.acehardware.com/departments/hardware/chain-and-rope/pulleys/56799?x429=true&gclid=CjwKCAjwpqv0BRABEiwA-TySwWYj-YIA9GorHzviXFLj9stbiuoqOww2bId-cqjLGODhIsF1vg2QfBoCJqgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds You don't want too much tension on the line, yet these can work on a clothes line and are aluminum. Also appear to have a small profile. You may find that two are easier to work than one.
  5. Ask him how many times I have threatened to do an intervention and take the boat away! As for coating the wood for the flange, the answer is yes or they will eventually rot. The alternative is to do what I did on my rebuild a long time ago and lay up some fiberglass strips about 1/4 - 3/8" thick and 4" wide. After it set up, cut to length then bonded to the bottom of the deck with thickened resin and screwed in place. Nothing to rot and they do add support to the new deck.
  6. Vanfleet24 - Is yours a 2160? Can you post a picture of the inside of the boat looking to the transom? The 2160 comes with a bilge and the in-floor fish box drains thru the bottom of the boat thru a thru hull fitting. That fitting is plugged off with a brass/rubber drain plug.
  7. We do not have a copy of it on the site that I am aware of. You may be able to get one by contacting Chaparral and see if they may have one. If you do manage to track one down, please post it here so I can add it to our manuals section.
  8. Looking at your picture, install the flanges under the old deck instead of the new deck. Same size and idea, just be sure to coat the wood either before or after it is installed under the old floor so moisture cannot get into it. Once installed and screwed in place, place a good coat of thickened epoxy or resin on the exposed flange, then drop the new floor into place and screw down until cured.
  9. Dammit...late on the reply! It will take a little bit of playing to figure out how to get the deck plug in there. If there is enough room, angle the piece through the hole then pull up. You may need to drill a couple of small holes to run some wire or zip ties through to form a loop to pull it back up into place. Worse case scenario, you would only be able to install flanges on three sides before installing the deck plug. If there is enough room to work, once it is in place, go ahead and add the last flange as it will help reduce the potential for cracks to form along the joint later.
  10. If that is where the skin has separated from the core, I would not be too concerned at this point. If it is a case where the cored deck has warped, that is gonna be fun! What you can do is make a lip under the new deck. Rip a piece of plywood 4" wide as long as each side. Glue the strip to the bottom of the deck core so it forms a flange that will be pulled up against the old deck. Clean the bottom side of the old deck where the lip will meet the deck and scuff with a 36 grit disc. Then install the core with a thickened epoxy or resin on the flange and run screws through the old deck to pull deck down to the flange. After it all sets up, remove the screws and grind a suitable bevel in the old fiberglass deck. Some places you will need to grind out more due to the deck that has separated from the core, but best to fix it properly now. Once all that is done, start planning your fabric cuts prior to glassing.
  11. We are doing good so far in Virginia. Thanks for asking. Fuel fill was originally on top of the gunwhale: The vent is a thru-hull that exits thru the side about 8 inches below the gunwhale.
  12. Sounds like a nice trip! I hear ya on how those love / hate projects can draw one in... What will the pilothouse gain you over a nice set of new enclosures for the existing hard top? Enclosures made of the higher quality / thicker material would give you an enclosure that would not blow around much, plus give you the flexibility to take down during the warm months.
  13. It can be done, but 2 things to consider: 1. You lose the use of 2 rod holders 2. Any fuel spill will go into the cockpit. Remember, that vent will also spit fuel once the tank is filled. Plus, at rest, you may smell some gas fumes from the vent. Since you already have the floor torn out, running new hoses back to the factory location should not be that difficutl.
  14. Oh hell yeah! Conventional Grand Prix? I found the youtube video of the Seattle SeaFair race in 2015 between Graham Trucking and Oh Boy Oberto. As much as it pains me to say this, that had to be the best boat racing I have ever seen, even outboards. I never would have thought boats that big could run that close for so long. The on-board video on Oberto you can clearly see these guys were not holding anything back and they were running on the ragged edge (a few times it looked like Oberto actually got lucky getting the boat back on the water).
  15. Hi LuckyStubs and welcome to the forum. Not many 2640's have crossed our forum, but we are willing to provide information on your project. And you have my curiosity already on the "partial story"! I like your plan on the pilothouse, but that is going to be a lot of work! Hope you enjoy working with fiberglass. And where the heck are you located with all that white stuff on the ground? That the reason for the pilothouse? Since people are reluctant to download unknown attachments, I will post your pictures here:
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