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  1. TommyHo

    Welcomed our son into the world!!!

  2. TommyHo

    USAF flash mob

  3. TommyHo

    Had to share my weekend experience

    If your car breaks down, you can walk home. If your boat breaks down on the east coast, the Gulf stream eventually carries you up to Iceland. Unbelievable that this guy was so dense that he did not realize his situation. That, coupled with the lack of respect he showed to the people who went out of their way to save him, says a lot about his character.
  4. TommyHo

    1986 2320 prop question

    Now you have me thinking about my setup too. I will have to check it out. One question - why is it called a 'cavitation plate' if it is supposed to ride at the surface of the water?
  5. TommyHo

    ReelPlumber hits the BIG FIVE O!

    Happy Birthday!!! I can see it was a great celebration!
  6. TommyHo

    marine battery storage 8 months

    I remember something about NOT leaving batteries sitting on concrete, had to have a piece of wood underneath for long term storage. Don't know why.... but again, it was in the Air Force back in the 70's.
  7. TommyHo

    1985 R1800 repower

    I am running a 115 Suzuki 4 stroke on my 1999 1920 CC. Enough power for me, but a 150 would have been much better!
  8. TommyHo

    98 1920 CC

  9. TommyHo

    Old Man With a Bucket of Shrimp

    Wonderful story!!! thanks for sharing.
  10. TommyHo

    "New" 2005 R225

    I think I have seen that boat around Great South Bay once or twice! Nice looking setup.
  11. TommyHo

    One of my R245

    Sweet looking setup!
  12. TommyHo

    Removing a Stryker T-Top

    Any plans for the T-top after you remove it? I may be interested.....
  13. TommyHo

    Improving hatch seal on fish box and cooler

    Mr Robalo, you are a genius......
  14. TommyHo

    Son's biggest striper

    Nice striped bass!! I love the way they run when hooked.... Congrats to your son!
  15. TommyHo


    ToomyHo's pics