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    Well i haven't checked in for awhile. The Robalo has fit all of my needs and continues to be a dandy. She really a smooth ride. I ran from Florida to Texas and in between this summer. I took her out several weeks ago. Clearing the jetties in coming out of Port Aransas was rather sporty and I was plowing my pulpit into a short duration head sea. What a solid ride. We hit several rigs unsuccessfully and it was to rough to tie off so I set a spead and we smoked the kings. We had several doubles and put a 41" and 42". We had a big one up to the boat but lost it when a swivel snapped. We ran about 8 hours an 20 or so miles out. We trolled some weed lines and I have never seen so many jellyfish in my life. If I saw one I saw 1000. You couldn't look without seeing numerous fish. The seas calmed and it made for a great ride back in. I have determined that I am going to make the live well my kill box and and add a bait tank. My cooler across the back will hold close to 200 lbs of ice with food and drinks in it. I picked up a Key West Bay Reef 196 after i sold my bass boat and hook up to which ever the weather looks best for. I really enjoyed getting the grandkids some wheel time. They love the water and fishing. I hope yall have a very merriest of Christmas's and tight lines. Garry
  2. Matt, Looks good and it brings back memories of doing mine not to long ago. Be assured it will help someone in the future, Garry
  3. Now that came out nice. Have you bilge monkey bruises healed yet? How'd you like running with them?
  4. Welcome to the board. Lots of good folks and friends here. I went through the same process you are going through on my 2160. You may be over thinking water in the foam. I know I did. There was a lot less than I thought there was when I tore it all apart. Garry
  5. I currently have a 8 horse high thrust 4 stroke yammie. I would trade it for a 9.9 or 15 in a heartbeat. I just happened to have one in my garage. I siliconed the 2 bolt holes required. I will get some pics this weekend. I am at the coast for a conference and boat is high and dry at the house. Look at the front of your motor and see if you have room to attach or bend a bar to run it off the front. The ez steer goes on the aft side of the lower unit leg. I have a Jack plate on my big motor and that clearance allowed me to hang the kicker on the transom next to each other. For me the kicker has far better fresh water trolling applications than when I am offshore depending on currents and trolling speed. Garry
  6. John, Ok fish boxes , kill box..sorry, I was thinking livewell. Do you have any drains or through hulls underneath that you're overlooking? If it has a one way check valve draining the box as the ice melts etc it may go to a through hull at the water line? Just thinking. Can you get in there with a mirror and flashlight? I used my smart phone to video as well in places I could only reach by hand. Garry
  7. I mounted mine the way I did because of traillering. It's a 400 mile round trip to the coast for me. They sell kicker/auxillary motor brackets. I don't care for these at all because of the bounce factor. Many folks will argue against kickers as backups. You need enough hp to get you out of any sloppy situation you can imagine. I use mine to troll when conditions are favorable to keep hours off the main motor. Fuel usage is a side bonus. There is also a company named EZ Steer. http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages/EZSteerHome/. With a little fabrication you can make one and save some dollars. If you use a 4 stroke you can plumb directly to the tank. (assuming you don't batch mix 2 stroke oil in your tank). I have elec strart and t/t. I have the shifter mounted beside my seat. On a center console you would need to mount an additional shifter to the console. Garry
  8. Ok, five pumps in my bilge. I forgot my trim tab pump. Bilge monkey needed.
  9. My 92 2160 is plumbed like this.. I don't know if it will help you. I Have 2 ways to fill the livewell. 1. Run with the pickup tube seacock open. 2. Live well fill pump. When sitting and the seacock is open the water gradually fills the well until it is even with what the water line is. To empty the well sometimes I need to prime it with my washdown hose after turning my empty pump on. It empties into the splashwell and out the scuppers. I have 4 pumps in my bilge. Fill, Empty, Bilge and washdown. In order to drain it completely my seacock needs to be closed. It will slowly fill with any water that is splashed onto the deck also. Garry
  10. What a crazy couple of weeks. I haven't had time to do much but work and drive. I had a guy call my out of the blue and wanted to by my Ranger Reata so i drove 600 miles to meet that purchaser. I am picking up a Key West 196 Bay Reef tomorrow to meet my shallow water needs.. We slayed the fish in Florida. Gag grouper, we must have caught 100 Red Snapper that we threw back, trigger fish and AJs. I never did get into the Cobia, in fact the only reports that we got on cobia catches were from the pier fishers. I pulled the boat about 2200 miles round trip and left her in the water in a slip for a week. The Robalo has really made a good choice. Now four more feet and twins....hmmm something like this http://austin.craigslist.org/boa/3728704568.html. My wife is right, I will never quit seeking out the perfect sled...lol Ok, well I had to stock up on provisions so off to Florabama Then I had to listen to my wife tell me how much she adored me Then off to fish. Garry
  11. Good job on the tabs, I can't say enough about Bennett's support, They sent me a control module to the house and when it didn't show up in time sent me a second one the condo in Florida. I never did find the time to replace it...to much rum drinking and acting like a pirate I recon. anyway back to home and reality. I replaced them 2 day ago and sent everything back to Bennett. Thomas was fantastic no questions asked and took care of everything. Your going to love your options now. Garry
  12. That prop looks sweet. I've been thinking of a four blade myself...lol Awhile back when the high fives were all the rage a buddy ordered one for his bass boat after a week of not showing up on his door and UPS showing it delivered he was hot. Big arguments and questions of being ripped off. He was mowing his yard and found a prop box that had been ripped to shreds by his big black retriever. He found the prop partially buried in a hedge row. The UPS guy had placed it over the fence in his back yard and his dog had taken care of the delivery... Seeing that shiny new prop jogged my memory and i thought I'd share. Your boat is looking sweet. Garry
  13. Well, We made it in mid afternoon yesterday and watched many boats trolling the gulf chacing the cobia. I was watching the weather and decided to stay off and get some more local knowledge. We are under tornado warnings now...lol. It looks promising the next few day snd we'll be hitting Florabama and chacing the pescadors and relaxin...time to venture out and get some charts and an Alabama liscence. I am hopeful to update with some good pics and stories other than knocking gelcoat off the side on a dock and polishing the hull on sandbars.... Updates to come, Garry
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