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  1. Wow Dan! I'm so happy and relieved to hear things are going well for you now! I'm also so thankful this site is back up and running!
  2. I've got the Magma one that sits in the rod holder. I think it's 24" or something. I can attest to it holding up nicely in heavy chop :-)
  3. Exactly why I have the metal bowl on mine! Can't see if there's water in it but the filter on my VST has a water sensor anyhow.
  4. There should be 2 hinged pieces. One for what was the baitwell and a second that goes closer to the front of the splash well that is used to keep the water off the deck.
  5. There's supposed to be a molded in baiwell there with a lid on it. It's teak on my 87 2320 but it would've been fiberglass on yours. How you with working with fiberglass? You can make a replacement well (it's oval shaped) or you can just make a section of deck and close it off.
  6. Check these out. Your console is probably the same as one of the other years listed if you don't see 1978. https://www.updplastics.com/robalo-boat-windshields/
  7. I've got an '87 2320 with a 225 optimax and was very careful about my setup (engine height) and tried 5 different props. I cruise at 30 at max out at 40. You're definitely way light in the horsepower department. 50hp doesn't sound like a lot in some respects but it takes a lot to get this hull on plane. At 13mph you're not all the way over the hump. Without knowing the pitch of your prop it's impossible to say for sure but if you go way down in pitch you might be able to plane. Check out the mercury prop selector, assuming 5k pounds loaded, it's saying 15p. Trying something in that range may help but ultimately, you need more power on that boat. I'm running a 17p Revolution 4. Somehow I don't believe that 2 inches less pitch would be enough to makeup the hp difference to get it on plane but it' may be worth trying. I'd try to sell that motor and buy a 225 something and set it up carefully with the cavitation plate about an inch above the bottom of the vee.
  8. The 181 is listed as 2000 pounds. Hopefully Mr Robalo chimes in but I remember him saying they'd fudge the weights by not including things like the console and bow rail. That motor is probably 400 or so pounds then there's any gas in the tank etc. before you cut the boat up I'd give some serious thought about the setup (engine height), prop etc. and wether the motor is running properly. With a 150, that boat does about 40.
  9. Looks to me like Rejex has excellent reviews on gelcoat in general. They seem to be in the same family of products (synthetic sealants), I'd just get the Rejex and some good microfiber cloths and go to town on the whole boat
  10. I think you watched the one about buff magic. That's a diminishing compound for oxidized gel coat. This is the stuff I'm talking about: http://shurhold.com/marine/yacht-brite-chemicals/pro-polish/ Super fast and 2 coats will give good protection so that you won't need buff magic for a long time. I have one of the Shur Hold polishers... it's dead after about 4 years of use on cars and boats. Kind of disappointing really. Last fall I picked up a Torq 10 FX DA polisher from Chemical Guys. It's far more powerful and I hope it has a longer life.
  11. Excellent! One thing though... the cleaner waxes provide only very short term protection against UV. Follow it up with a GOOD wax like collinite fleet wax paste or a synthetic. Since you have shoulder trouble I would suggest ShuHold Pro Polish. It's not a polish in the traditional sense in that it does not contain any abrasives. It does provide long term protection and is VERY easy to use, wipe on, wipe off. It's nearly dustless and comes of with almost no effort at all.
  12. This x2. I spent over a year searching during my restoration and ended up just getting a new rope. Looks excellent.
  13. Definitely start with the 17. Be sure the setup has the cavitation plate about an inch above the hull bottom. The 2320 really seems to do well with the Mercury Rev4 prop. I'm seeing 40mph at WOT with a 225 optimax and a 30 mph cruise at 4K rpm.
  14. I just had to google where the heck Roatan is! Looks like a great escape, have fun!
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