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  1. I bought a 2008 Robalo R227 and the only keys I received were the Yamaha keys. The seller did not have any keys for the three bow area compartments nor the big compartment on the deck. Does anyone know who sells these keys so I can purchase some? Thank you.
  2. Chris-R

    Garboard plug question

    I have always used teflon tape for the plug. When I used to trailer boats back and forth, I sprayed some Fluid Film on the plug after draining the boat and before putting the plug back in. Fluid Film is fantastic for anything that comes in contact with water and 100 times better than WD-40. You can buy Fluid Film at Amazon.com along with a lot of other places.
  3. Chris-R

    2440 - Shore power and battery charger question

    I leave my charger plugged in all the time. As long as you have a marine charger, it will cycle on and off as needed.
  4. Chris-R

    Hey........I talking to you!

    Happy New Year!
  5. Chris-R

    Vents on r235

    Yes, bilge pumps are direct to battery. They should come on when needed.
  6. Chris-R

    New Member with a 2013 R207...what a great boat!

    Welcome friend! Please post pictures when you get a chance. I own a condo in Ft. Myers. Love the area.
  7. Chris-R

    R265 red LEDs in t top

    The red lights are there so you can see at night and not lose your night vision. It may be easier to add some additional LED lights so you have the best of both worlds. I added two sets of LED lights above helm and 1st mate's chair so if we're anchored or at the dock, they are "on" but when we're running at night, I have the red LED lights on so I can still see into the great morass of darkness.
  8. Chris-R

    Powder Coat Chipping

    That's a bummer. I hope they reconsider and help you out. Powder coating and boats don't mix that well. I never understood why that was offered to buyers.
  9. Chris-R

    New Member 2660 Owner

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. Chris-R

    Robalo R190 cc problems?

    The Yamaha F115 is a great motor. I know of no issues with it. The Robalo R190 is a super sweet boat and more seaworthy than other 19 foot center consoles. I don't own one so I can't comment on whether or not the F115 is enough but here is a link to a performance bulletin for the R180/F115 combo. I couldn't find a bulletin for the R190 which surprises me. http://www.yamahaoutboards.com/sites/default/files/bulletins/bulletin_otb_4StrokePerf_MidThrustJetPort_115hp_ROB-R180-F115TXRA.pdf
  11. Chris-R

    Transducer for 2014 R200?

    You can use an Airmar (or Garmin) B60 thru-hull transducer. I suggest you make a phone call to a place where there are people who know what they are doing. You could call BOE Marine and ask for Jim. BOE has a store in Maryland and another in New Jersey but they do a ton of mail order stuff. I used them for my last boat and they were very helpful. www.boemarine.com BTW, my R245 has a Simrad NSS8 with Airmar B60 thru-hull. The fishfinder can "see" so much better than my previous boat that had a transom mount transducer. I think you'll like the difference.
  12. Chris-R

    A few pictures from the season

    We used to keep our Sea Hunt center console over at Onset Bay Marina. We could be found on Bassetts Island almost every Sunday in the summer. Last year, we sold the Sea Hunt and bought a Robalo R245. We also decided to change scenery from Buzzards Bay to Narragansett Bay so our Robalo is in Apponaug, Rhode Island.
  13. Chris-R

    Heading Out At Night

    The season is winding down for us now that the kids are back in school so on Friday, we left the marina around 6:00 PM and headed to one of our favorite restaurants. In the summer, you can't get near this place with a car or a boat because there are so many people but because it's after Labor Day, we had our choice of dockspace. Great seafood and a great time. Here are a few pics.
  14. Chris-R

    A few pictures from the season

    Is that second picture over at Bassetts Island?
  15. Chris-R

    Trailer Fenders

    Very good advice Bob. A few months ago were were on a two lane highway in a huge traffic backup. Eventually, we saw the cause which was a boat trailer with a wrecked tire. It looked to me like the fender, which was really just a big pile of rusty metal, had somehow broke off and hit between the tandem wheels. The fender was all mangled and you could see rusty metal all over the road. The truck and trailer had jacknifed and the boat was 1/2 way off the trailer sideways. About 4 or 5 guys were out there trying to figure out what to do.