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  1. My forward cushion, over the forward hatch, is showing wear. I've had it replaced once with a custom job but it is not holding up. I'd like to replace it with something else, perhaps a rigid cover of some sort. I don't need cushion and I don't want to spend a lot of money. Thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry I’m late to the post. Mine is a 1999. Had a Mariner on it and I put on a Suzuki 140 about 8 years ago. Runs great. I’ve updated electronics on it and fight with myself to keep it simple. Good heavy boat....keeps me dry. Sensitive to load so I need to be sure my passengers are spaced properly. Has been dependable. I keep it on a slip and have a good mechanic who humors me when I ‘think’ I have an issue. Annual maintenance. Ending year 12 of ownership this year. Ready for year 13.
  3. No. Need the whole thing...frame and all.
  4. I’m looking to buy a Bimini top for my 1999 1920 CC. My boat yard tells me the size is difficult to find. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. My radio speakers are dead and I want to just take them out and put in a blank panel. Any recommendations? Thanks, Rich
  6. I'm removing my Stryker SG-300 T-Top this spring. It is 6 years old and in good shape. Includes 2 rocket launchers. Nothing wrong with it...just trying to return my 1920 CC to a more traditional look. Unit available in Gloucester MA in late March. Aggressively priced! Thanks, Rich
  7. I need to replace my bow cushion. It will have to be custom. Anyone using something other than a bow cushion? Looking for creative alternatives. Thanks.
  8. My dock lines are showing some wear and thinking about replacing them. I have always used 3/8 nylon braided lines. Thinking of going to 1/2 inch. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks everyone. I finally met my slip mate yesterday and told him that his bow line slipped and I retied him. He was actually quite appreciative and told me to do it anytime. He was also sorry that it happened.
  10. I've been in my slip for 7 years. This is a two boat slip and we each have a finger. I have a new slip mate this year and when I got to the boat today his bow line slipped and his bow was close to mine. I retied it properly. I carefully tie my boat and check it often. My partners over the years don't and I often retie them. This is to protect my boat. A boating friend says I crossed the line touching the lines on another boat. Thoughts?
  11. I have a Suzuki DF 140 on my 1920cc. When I tilt the engine up at the slip should I lay it to the right or left, or keep it in the center? I see all 3 at the marina. Straight seems to balance the boat better. But, I don't want to put pressure on the engine. Thanks. Rich
  12. Paid $11000 for my 1999 7 years ago. Had a Mariner 135 which I replaced with a Suzuki D140 4 years ago. Love the boat and the pic looks good. Good luck. Heavy and steady. Lots of great hours on the water.
  13. I have my antenna mounted on a pad and it sits above my t-top on my 1920 CC. I step on the cooler to put it down for the bridge if I need to but mainly it stays up. My anchor light is up there also. My radio is in the storage area in the console but I did put a remote speaker on top of the console so I can hear it better. One more thing....also get a portable radio in case the power goes out or you have to ditch. I keep mine on at the dock when I don't want to turn on the batteries. Comes in real handy. You can get a WM version for less than $100.
  14. I have a Suzuki 140 on mine and it is just right. Very happy with performance, fuel numbers, hole shot, and lack of noise.
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