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  1. mr.g

    Hi everybody!

    Congrats, Love my 1820, where do you boat?
  2. I have an 1820 and had a similar problem. Went to Home Depot and found some in aluminum.
  3. WOW color me jealous. What did you use on your teak?
  4. I can not add to what was said except that if it comes with a trailer check the bearings if possible, tongue, brakes of so equiped lights etc. Where do you live? If any of out members are close by I am sure they would be happy to go with you.
  5. mr.g

    Hi Again

    Well I've taken a looong break but am back. It seems family things always upset the apple cart (or boat). My wife had (and still does) some serrious medical problems but we seem to have them under control for the moment. My step-daughter had a Pug puppy that she was not paying proper attention to so I had to go and liberate her, she likes the boat but can't swim?? Any way in my last 18 months of spare time I completely went through my 1820. Spit, polish and several beers later she shines like a queen. A friend of mine redid the lettering and I finally got her registered as an antique. Took her to a OB mechanic that I have become friends with and he is finishing going through the motor. Carbs, electric choke,some fuel lines, gaskets etc one broken head bolt, etc, etc. Found out the motor is an 81 not 83 as I thought. I hope to have her back with in the week. Anyway so looking forward to getting back out. Did not know how much I had missed this forum (even the shorts)and look forward to becoming more active in it.
  6. mr.g

    Fuel gauge

    Don't forget to clean around the top of the tank where the unit sits and replace the gasket as well
  7. I have an '81 1820 and live in Ft Myers. Yes my boat has wood in it but with the amount of foam the wood could rot out and I would still have a sound hull. As far as the gulf I have no problems running 15 or so miles out when the Kings are running; however I do most of my fishing around the barrier islands. If I am not fishing I go where ever the mood hits me. (Spring Break so the beach baby). As far as top end, I have a 150 Johnson and I will max out around 40. Depends on the load, sea conditions etc. Where on the gulf coast are you?
  8. I have a Lowes Home Improvement by my house and they sell it by the foot. If you get desperate I can pick it up and mail it to you.
  9. mr.g

    Black hole

    Not to get off the subject, but getting off the subject Indian Lake --- WOW We used to vacation there when I was little, Stayed at Beatlies. Talk about bringing back a memory. I learned to water ski on the lake in the, well lets say the Beatles had not yet come to the states. Sorry for the interuption
  10. If you are going to tow any distance, even for a one a year vacation I would recomend anti-sway bars. The boat usually ends up storage for those extra toys, coolers, tackle etc and the anti-sway bars cane make a big idfference. -- my 1.5 cents
  11. mr.g

    Merry Christmas

    You know what they say, give a man a fish you feed him for a day ..... Teach him to fish you got a guy buying rods, reels, a Robalo and joining this forum.
  12. What a wonderful Christmas present --- Congrats on the new family member
  13. Hope this is the first of many more Happy B'day Mr R. By the way how old did you say
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