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  1. Does anyone know where I can get diagrams of the plumbing (fishbox, bilges) etc for a 2140?
  2. Does anyone have or know where I can get a diagram of the plumbing for this boat? The owners manual does not show it. I'm wondering how to plumb in a bilge pump for the fish box and deep six the mascerator pump.
  3. I'm fed up with this problem!!! The macerator(SP?) pump will not pump unless I place a hose in the outlet and prime the pump and that doesn't always work. I've read before that others have had this issue. How do I fix it? I don't use the fish box but it always gets water in it. This is a PITA!!!
  4. I need to order a new fuel sending unit. Does anyone know the depth of the tank on a 2140?
  5. Thanks: I will get longer chain.
  6. I don't know the weight. Guessing I'd say that is 20" across, with a 24" shank. It is a damforth style. I'm anchoring in 15 - 30'. The bottom is mainly mud. I don't know what you mean by scope?
  7. I have a 2140 equipped with the original anchor. The chain is approximately 4' - 5'. I also have a windlass. When I drop anchor in an running tide or with a good breeze the anchor will not hold. Do I need a longer chain or a larger anchor or both. How are anchors sized?
  8. Are the Robalo bait wells suitable for shad or are the corners too sharp? I read that you neeed round tanks with filters etc. I don't want to go to that expense when I have two bait wells on my 2140.
  9. I'm moving my 2140 to Lake Anna to fish over the winter. It will be in a wet slip. It can get cold. I know to leave the engine tilted down. Should I be concerned about drains? I'm not using the bait tanks (seacocks are closed). Can water lay in the feeds from the freshwater intakes? I don't use the fish box either but water does get into the fish box.
  10. Thanks. You are pulling the cable with the connector attached?
  11. Any advice on running the transducer cable????
  12. Any advice on running the transducer cable????
  13. It appears that I have to replace the original fish finder. I'm looking for advice on running the transducer cable. Any tips will be appreciated.
  14. My the display on my Apelco 360 started flashing wild depth readings. I think it is history. Any recomendations on a replacement unit. I'm thinking fish finder / GPS combo. Second question is how to replace the unit especially running the transducer cable? I'm scared of this.
  15. The swim platform ladder is one folding step and the hand grips are the support brackets for the platform. My wife and I are both 61 and with no grab rail on top of the transom, it is next to impossible for us to board. I'm looking for ideas to make boarding easier. Have any of you replaced the one step ladder with a telescoping type and have you added hand grips to the transom? I'd love to see some pictures.
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