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  1. These models only have a 40 gal tank,a little bigger would be nice, except when it time to fill it!
  2. Thanks for all the input, One thing needs clarification, this boat does not have a bilge or a pump. Everything would exit through the garboard drain. I'm still on the fence?
  3. I'm kinda torn also,but I put a stainless tank in a few years ago thinking my fuel tank issues were going to be a thing of the past. well due to the water issue and electrolysis I had to pull tank and repair(again!) The deck plate could have been part of the problem but i don't want to do it again.Secondly what caused the electrolysis ? fuel guage? grounding?
  4. On a side note, I was suprised how much water was trapped in the inner hull. After I pulled the rod out water drained for a long time. Today I repeated the process and more water came out.
  5. Now i,m a little confused. I was ready to drill a drain through the rear bulkhead. I ran a rod through the garboard drain to cofirm there was a clear path from the coffin area. The rod I was using was 8' long. I was able to drive it all the way in,which means it was under the coffin area. So, should the drain be installed in the bottom of the coffin?
  6. Should I install a drain while the tank is removed or just use a pump to keep the area dry? (1984 18'CC)
  7. well it's appears electrolysis created problems with the new tank. Had to pull it again. Now I'm wondering which way to go? Drill drain hole in coffin area or just plumb a suction tube with easy access?
  8. No there wern,t any drains in the lower hull. The rod holders look like they may be an access?
  9. Sorry about that. It's an 1984 18'. I replaced the tank two years ago. The deck seam looks solid (5200).
  10. Is there a way to eliminate this problem? Where does the water enter?
  11. Yea I,ll probably keep her, this is the third engine on this same hull.
  12. I quess what your telling me is once the wood has been wet it's eventually gonna deteriorate.
  13. I did remove aluminum cover at the top of the transom. What appers to be the original seam was cracked. I cut the seam open with a cut off wheel to expose the wood. Wet as expected, minimal rot at the top. What is my next step? Fill void with some type epoxy?
  14. I am repowering my 1984 18' cc. when I removed the engine mounting bolts,water started coming out of the bolt holes through the transom. Transom sounds solid. Is this a common thing or do I have a problem that needs attention?
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