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  1. I have a 2007 R305. I had the microwave go out a few years ago. I bough the one they currently install and the installer removed the feet and put screws through the mounting board into were the feet were.
  2. You can get to the Aft Bilge Pump through the pie plates in the stern, where the motors are. You have to reach, but that is how its done. I have replaced my pumps.
  3. How have you made out with the boat?
  4. I have a 2007 R305. All in all it is a good boat. I had some issues that were taken care off under warranty. If you would like contact me by private message. It would be easier to explain by phone. As to the power I have twin 250's. It is plenty of power.
  5. I assume you have a Bimini top. If you are just looking for a place to stow your rods I suggest some clamp on rod holder and put them on the bimini tubing. That is what I did with my R305 that I ordered without a top because of bridge issues.
  6. As the owner of a 2007 R305, I am not happy about the price input. But that is life.If you can get one at those prices it is a deal. Overall the boat is great. As to the bottom paint. I kept my last boat on a lift, so it was not bottom painted. The guy who bought it was keeping it in the water,so it did not matter. But I think the boat showed better without the bottom paint. The one advantage to a R305 being kept in the water is you can run the AC in dehumidfy mode. This helps the interior.
  7. I have a 2007 R305, but I have not experienced this problem. You mentioned the drain plug is in the deck box. I am not sure you need a drain plug. I do not use one. does it pump out when you turn the pump on. Maybe the pump is backward so that water is pumped in not out. Just some thougts.
  8. Also my friened is the manager of sales for Fisher Panda. I will put you in touch he maybe able to help you.
  9. On mine under the stairs is a sump for the shower and a separate bilge pump. I sent you an email. Give me a call I live near by. If you are keeping your boat at the same place.
  10. I had a furuno 1650 when I had this problem it was the transducer.
  11. I have a 2007. Where the cabin stairs are there is a hatch. That is where the forward bilge is on my boat. What type of generaator do you have?
  12. Good. I can tell my girlfriend I am not the only obsessive person when it come to my boat. The house, that is a different story.
  13. CaptKen


    That is strange. I assume the props for the motor were provided by the factory. I cannot believe the dealer would risk customer good will to switch out props. But nothing surprises me. Good luck.
  14. CaptKen


    Sorry I did not reply sooner. Iam not sure. I told the dealer about the problem and it was fixed.
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